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Bibi’s Middle Eastern Kitchen opens new location in Hintonburg

By Bruce Burwell on October 28, 2022



Is Ottawa Canada’s capital of Middle Eastern food? I’m not 100% sure, but I can’t think of another city in the country that is so well-supplied with such a variety and a sheer number of Middle Eastern restaurants. I know for sure that when friends or family who have lived here before come back, we always hear that Ottawa’s shawarma scene is the best in the country.

The new Bibi’s in Hintonburg. Photo:

Bibi’s Middle Eastern Kitchen opened its first restaurant near Beechwood a couple of years ago. In September, they added a new location in Hintonburg on Wellington. It’s a casual café with a clean, modern design, offering counter service and a few tables around the outside of the room.

You’ll recognize plenty of ingredients from other Middle Eastern restos—tahini, harissa, pickled turnip, garlic sauce, and hummus feature prominently. The dishes are a more modern take on Middle Eastern cuisine, though—bowls and wraps. The wraps are done with a bread I wasn’t familiar with before going to Bibi’s, called saj. It’s an Arabic bread that is made the same way a crepe is—a very thin batter is spread on a hot metal surface.

One of the saj wraps on offer. Photo:

We started with za’atar fries with garlic sauce. Of course, anything is better with garlic sauce, and these were delicious. We followed up with the spicy cauliflower as well as the beef and tahini wraps: also very good. Other saj options were a falafel and a baharat chicken wrap.

Bibi’s does have a liquor license and had a couple of local craft beers on tap when we visited. They also have a big grab-and-go fridge as you enter the restaurant. Apart from a selection of beverages, the fridge has plenty of interesting-looking items like tabbouleh, hummus, and za’atar bread that you can take home.

Grab and go. Photo:

Within Ottawa’s galaxy of Middle Eastern restaurants, Bibi’s stands out as being on the playful and creative side. It’s a great place for lunch or a quick dinner.

Bibi’s Middle Eastern Kitchen‘s new Hintonburg location is at 1087 Wellington. They are open from 11am-9pm every day. Delivery is available through the major services.