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Photo: Kellylee Evans

Best of #ottmusic weekly 2021: Indie Singer-Songwriters

By Apartment613 on December 27, 2021

You’re digging into Pt. 1 of this series. Listen to more “Best Of 2021” playlists here.

Every Monday night, Apt613 music writers post #ottmusic weekly to promote new releases by Ottawa-Gatineau artists. It’s basically a “release radar” for locally-made music. Our Spotify playlist is a running list of tunes, updated weekly since 2020.

This year, the team collected more than 240 songs for #ottmusic weekly and in this final week of 2021 we’re thrilled to share Apt613’s top choices in five “Best Of” playlists. You’re digging into Pt. 1 of this series. Listen to more “Best Of 2021” playlists here.

Indie Singer-Songwriters

Before the pandemic, you were as likely to hear these artists play live at Pressed, Bar Robo, maybe Irene’s Pub or Black Squirrel Books, often on an acoustic or electric guitar with a rhythm section crammed onto the small stage. These days you’re more likely to hear the real thing on CKCU, CHUO, or a living room livestream.

We know there are many songwriters in, around, and from Ottawa, but we would like to introduce you to 20 singer-songwriters (both established and emerging) who offered up new music in 2021. Music that speaks to your soul, heals your heart, and feels like you feel. Enjoy an hour of our favourite songs of 2021 penned by Ottawa’s singer-songwriters.

Track List

Enjoy the mix! These are not rankings.

  1. “Orchards” by Oddeline [Bandcamp]
  2. “Holding You” by Kellylee Evans [Bandcamp]
  3. “Sweet Melody” by Vicki Brittle feat. Myles Castello [Website]
  4. “Ça passera” by Céleste Lévis [Bandcamp]
  5. “friends / wasted? by maxime. [Bandcamp]
  6. “When the World Burns Down” by General Malaise [Bandcamp]
  7. “Harmonize the Moon” by Michael Feuerstack [Bandcamp]
  8. “Don’t You Dare” by Boyhood [Bandcamp]
  9. “Subtle Siren Song” by HILOTRONS [Bandcamp]
  10. “Don’t Look For Me Now” by Neha Sin [Bandcamp]
  11. “The Trouble of Magenta Rooms” by Jasmine Trails [Bandcamp]
  12. “afterthought” by summersets [Bandcamp]
  13. “Mind’s Made Up” by Terrence & the High Flyers [Bandcamp]
  14. “Better Bad Decisions” by Jessica Pearson and the East Wind [Bandcamp]
  15. “To Be or Not To Be (With Me)” by The Golden Seals [Bandcamp]
  16. “Werewolves” by Jim Bryson [Bandcamp]
  17. “Don’t Go” by Almyr Jules [Website]
  18. “Magic” by Harea Band [Bandcamp]
  19. “Come to Me” by Landon A. R. Coleman [Bandcamp]
  20. “Hold My Breath” by Lynne Hanson [Bandcamp]

After 20 tracks, our playlist continues with the best of #ottmusic weekly 2020 selections from last year.

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