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Photo: Rebelle (David Irvine Photography)

Best of #ottmusic weekly 2021: Bangers

By Apartment613 on December 29, 2021

This is Pt. 3 in a series. Listen to more “Best Of 2021” playlists here.

Back in 2020, Apt613 music writers launched #ottmusic weekly to promote new music releases by Ottawa-Gatineau artists. It’s our “release radar” for locally-made music! Our Spotify playlist grows every week to include fresh new tunes, updated every weekend and published to the blog on Mondays.

All in all, the Apt613 music writers curated more than 240 songs for #ottmusic weekly in 2021, and in this final week of the year we’re thrilled to share Apt613’s top choices in five “Best Of” playlists. You’re about to hear Pt. 3 of this series. Listen to more “Best Of 2021” playlists here.

Join us tomorrow for another fun local listening experience. Watch this space for new playlists daily until December 31, 2021.

F*cking Bangers

You know how sometimes you just feel the song and every fibre in your body wants to sing along and be the rhythm? This is the playlist for you–here are the “Best Of 2021” bangers: powerful songs with a strong message.


Enjoy the mix! These are not rankings.

  1. “Sleep” by DRAE [Website]
  2. “Pandemonium” by Silla and Rise [Website]
  3. “Two To Play” by Paragon Cause [Bandcamp]
  4. “Drugs and Loaded Weapons” by City Fidelia [Website]
  5. “Upside Down – Housefly Remix” by Nicole Arrage [Website]
  6. “Bottom Top” by Night Lovell [Soundcloud]
  7. “Kicks” by Rebelle [Bandcamp]
  8. “With You” by L.J.P. [Bandcamp]
  9. “Lost My Job” by Church of Trees [Bandcamp]
  10. “Welcome to the Matriarch” by Jah’kota [Soundcloud]
  11. “Quasar” by Area Resident [Bandcamp]
  12. “Same Old Thing” by Townes [Bandcamp]
  13. “Out Of The Ether” by Raphael Weinroth-Browne [Bandcamp]
  14. “Guilty” by Carissa [Bandcamp]
  15. “Left, Right, Goodnight” by Hard Labour [Instagram]
  16. “Too Many Pictures” by HILOTRONS [Bandcamp]
  17. “Fayadan” by Mazyn [Soundcloud]
  18. “Where The Wild Things Are” by Sunday Riot Club [Website]
  19. “Little Hell” by Braden Foulkes [Bandcamp]
  20. “Gone and Run Away” by Taming Sari [Website]

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