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Image: Merganzer

Best of #ottmusic weekly 2020: Ottawa Chill

By Apartment613 on January 1, 2021

This is Pt. 5 in a series. Listen to more “Best Of 2020” playlists here.

We’ve made it to the final post in our best of #ottmusic weekly 2020 playlist series. If you’ve been listening to these daily playlists in sequence, you know the NYE edition was a Dance Party fiasco… Happy New Year! For your comedown on January 1st, we’ve lined up the chillest hits from a year of #ottmusic weekly.

Ottawa Chill

Let’s wind down and feel the zen, we all need more peace and serenity this year. Enjoy these calming tracks for a perfectly chill time.


  1. “Ctfo” by Vibebymelo [Soundcloud]
  2. “Growing Pains” by Gold Bonds [Bandcamp]
  3. “Lees Avenue No. 3 – Lumen” by Merganzer [Bandcamp]
  4. “Country Song (Live)” by Petr Cancura [Bandcamp]
  5. “Spark” by Gianna Lauren [Bandcamp]
  6. “Ah oui” by Marie-Clo [Bandcamp]
  7. “Thru the Fire” by Slack Bridges [Bandcamp]
  8. “Tofino” by Casa Lagarto [Bandcamp]
  9. “I Knew Better” by Season II [Bandcamp]
  10. “Residuals” by Capé [Soundcloud]
  11. “Playground Fantasy” by Thechroniclesofcure [Apple Music]
  12. “Mirror Image” by Nick Schofield [Bandcamp]

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