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Image: Blakdenim

Best of #ottmusic weekly 2020: Flow & Poetry

By Apartment613 on December 29, 2020

This is Pt. 2 in a series. Listen to more “Best Of 2020” playlists here.

These are some of our favourite local releases discovered through the #ottmusic weekly playlist on Spotify. If you hear something you like, consider buying a record or digital download directly from the artists—the people who give Ottawa its “music city” potential.

Flow & Poetry

Ready for fire Ottawa beats? This is the “Best Of 2020” playlist for you if you are into rap, hip hop, spoken word, and r&b. Enjoy the lyrical flow and sweet trap beats. Great for working out, driving, and having a serious party in your living room.

The artists we’re introducing in this genre-spanning playlist bring very different sounds to the table… They’ve made it into Apt613’s Best of 2020 not *only* for producing a sick beat, but we admire these writers for their honesty and the way they use words in a creative fashion.


  1. “Nottingham Knights” by Vibebymelo [Soundcloud]
  2. “Tobacco Down, Prayers Up” by Jahkota [Soundcloud]
  3. “Libra Szn” by Seiiizi feat. Yvng Griot [Bandcamp]
  4. “Fantômes” by Squerl Noir [Bandcamp]
  5. “Quarantine” by TheSoulfulPoet [Soundcloud]
  6. “Spells” by Backxwash feat. Devi McCallion [Bandcamp]
  7. “Debwe” by Cody Coyote [Bandcamp]
  8. “Butter on Toast” by Blakdenim [Bandcamp]
  9. “Lost on Purpose” by Zoo Legacy [Bandcamp]
  10. “hate 2 be u.” by Maurice Moore [Soundcloud]
  11. “Shell” by Marie-Clo [Bandcamp]
  12. “Light & Love” by The Joynt [Soundcloud]
  13. “Justice for Peace / Justice pour Paix” by Wise Atangana [Bandcamp]
  14. “Reese’s Pieces” by Vibebymelo feat. Travis Thickle [Soundcloud]

P.S. Most of our favourite 2020 releases came from hip hop artists, so you’ll find a lot of their work in the “Best Of” Bangers (Dec. 30), Dance Party (Dec. 31), and Ottawa Chill (Jan. 1) playlists coming to this week.

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