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Image: Deedee7

Best of #ottmusic weekly 2020: Dance Party

By Apartment613 on December 31, 2020

This is Pt. 4 in a series. Listen to more “Best Of 2020” playlists here.

In 2020, music writers launched #ottmusic weekly to promote new music releases by Ottawa-Gatineau artists. Basically a “release radar” for locally-made music. Our Spotify playlist is a tight two hours of tunes, updated every weekend and published on Mondays.

All in all, the team curated more than 100 songs for #ottmusic weekly (as new tracks are added at the top, older tracks are removed from the playlist) and in this final week of 2020 we’re thrilled to share Apt613’s top choices in five “Best Of” playlists. You’re digging into Pt. 4 of this series. Listen to more “Best Of 2020” playlists here.

Dance Party

Fancy a dance party? Here is our “Best Of 2020” dance playlist with Ottawa-based artists bringing you the heat. Feel the beat and let it flow through your dancing bones. Let’s get those endorphins going and end 2020 on a fun note. Pyjamas allowed. Perfect for anyone missing the weekend parties and raves.

If you time this playlist right—starting at 11:19pm on NYE—you’ll be bumping to Blakdenim and then slow dancing to Slack Bridges when the clock strikes midnight.


  1. “You Lied” by Deedee7 [Bandcamp]
  2. “It’s Your Birthday” by Harea Band [Bandcamp]
  3. “Yahweh” by Asuquomo [Bandcamp]
  4. “Je T’adore” by Blakdenim [Bandcamp]
  5. “Gravity” by Season II [Bandcamp]
  6. “Don’t Worry (Tmorr, Pithra & JFUN Remix)” by JSP [Bandcamp]
  7. “Me Gal” by Left Ear Right [Soundcloud]
  8. “Mess With Me” by Harea Band feat. Aspects [Bandcamp]
  9. “Backseat Ride” by Terrence & The High Flyers [Bandcamp]
  10. “Keep on Moving” by The Lionyls [Bandcamp]
  11. “Next in Line” by Slack Bridges [Bandcamp]
  12. “Love (Bedroom Version)” by Orchidae [Bandcamp]
  13. “Pro Testing (3am Edit)” by Bucko Art Soundsystem [Bandcamp]

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