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Left: from Wilf & Ada's Facebook page. Centre: from Flapjack's Instagram. Right: From Pressed's Facebook page.

Five of Ottawa’s best brunches (and tell us your faves!)

By Apartment613 on October 14, 2016


By Nicole Irvine

What’s not to like about brunch? The fruit, the eggs, the baked goods, the socially acceptable casual day drinks… Just thinking about it can make you giddy.

Luckily for Ottawa, we are surrounded by a ton of amazing choices that are worth adding to your roster. If you need a little help deciding where to gather for this upcoming weekend, I’ve gathered some of the best that Ottawa has to offer.

I’ve stayed away from restaurant chains, hoping to highlight some of the best local businesses that leave your mouth watering excessively.

Do you want the…

Most recommended?

The Manx – 370 Elgin St.

Leading up to this article, I had never actually heard of this place and I’m so sad that I didn’t until now. Known as “Ottawa’s Arts Pub”, The Manx offers a wide variety of favourites – even setting them up depending on how “brunchy” you’re feeling. With the most expensive thing on the menu being $10.50, it won’t even break your wallet. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and some of the menu items have adorable names, like The Good Morning Peep. The fact that at least 7 people I talked to brought up this place must mean  something. I was specifically told that the Huevos Rancheros are where it’s at, in fact they make their own hot sauce. I can feel my mouth watering as we speak.

Most bang for your buck?

Baker Street Cafe – 385 Richmond St.

I eat with my eyes. I want the most food I can get, and I want it to look gorgeous. Thankfully, Westboro’s pride and joy offers just that, and let me tell you – SO MUCH FRUIT. The portions of your favourites like Eggs Benedict, French Toast or homemade Tourtiere are plentiful, full of fresh & vibrant colours, and are everything you could dream it would be. They even have toasted cinnamon buns that I would love to eat everyday of my life. All of this raises the question: why aren’t you there right now?

Can’t decide between breakfast or lunch?

Pressed – 750 Gladstone Ave.

Pressed is just a great place in general. Having lived around the corner from it for a few years, I quickly learned that there is nothing this place can’t do. Offering some of the most delicious gourmet sandwiches made from locally sourced ingredients, Pressed also equally produces probably some of the best waffles I’ve ever tasted. I’ll let this place speak for itself, but I’ll make two life-changing suggestions for either mood: Either The Big Apple for some yummy caramelized apples on a waffle with double smoked bacon, or the Philly Brisket sandwich.

Cheap Drinks?

Flapjack’s Canadian Diner – 34a Preston St.

I honestly can’t say more about Flapjack’s. Known for the amazing “panwiches” that took over Bank St. and the Canal’s winter months by storm, the Preston St. location offers everything you could ask for when you want a true Canadiana feast. The prices are pretty average, offering your basic brunch offerings of omelets, pancakes and lots of bacon – but also unique takes on lunch dishes like their “lumburgers” and fries, and milkshakes that even have full pieces of pies sticking out. Above all else, they have my favourite sign of a good brunch: $2.95 mimosas and caesars! Sold yet?

Pumpkin Pie Sundaes and Milkshakes with your Breaky 🙌🏼 @sarahskuce_xo awesome pic! Diner open 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week

A photo posted by Flapjack’s Canadian Diner (@flapjackscanadiandiner) on

Locally sourced?

Wilf & Ada’s Scratch Diner – 510 Bank St.

If you’re looking for all your classic brunch dishes, while feeling like you’re supporting Ottawa’s farmers as much as possible in the process, I highly suggest you hit up this diner. I mean what sounds better than home cured bacon, or fresh fruit compote for your french toast. I can’t lie – I spent way longer than I’d like to admit looking at beautiful photos of their plates on Instagram – and I’m convinced the Eggs in Purgatory is the most elegant brunch meal I’ve ever seen. If purgatory looks this good – sign me up. Immediately.

These are my favourite places, but we’d love to hear yours! Comment below.