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Best of #APT613 this week

By Eldrinson Vado on October 18, 2020

A collection of our favourite photos from the last week.

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@caustin89 with a great night shot of @queenstreetfare

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we have such a gorgeous park right in our backyard @perpetuallychasinglight:

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. it had hit the freezing point overnight, the alarm is deafening, and other than the faint moonlight illuminating the frost on the window, it's pitch black outside. every fibre of my body screams to stay in the cozy embrace of the warm duvet, but i know that if i want that one spot to myself, i need to get up before the world awakes from its slumber. sometimes i get the shot i want. other times, despite all the planning and the obsessive forecast watching…nothing. i sit in the dark. in the cold. sometimes in the rain. friends and family think i'm crazy. is it worth it, they ask. the answer, always, is yes. only a fraction of the time do things work out according to plan, but i'll take a fraction of a little over a whole lot of nothing any day. sometimes life gives you choices. sometimes life makes choices for you. when my choices are not my own, there's nothing i can do but roll with the punches. fortunately, through the love and support of those close to me, life has gifted me with an abundance of choices. for that i am thankful. . . . @alilouwagner @ncc_ccn #myottawa #virtualmeet613 #ottawaphoto #ottawa #gatineau #gatineaupark #ncc_ccn #fallrhapsody #ottawaphotographer #igersottawa #narcityottawa #apt613 #explorecanada #oh_canada_ #sonyalpha #sonya7iii

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A nice fall day time silhouette by @cristian.medart

Apt613’s own out picking apples

@heartandcrown in the Halloween spirit with a tall pint of Guinness

@asolism riding in the fall colours:

@jasonfourniervisuals capturing another beautiful mural around the city:

@nicholasplacephoto capturing some of the last paddlers of the season in Chelsea, QC:

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