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Photo by Hamish Irvine on flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

Get the buzz on honey at the Queen Bee Party

By Apartment613 on August 18, 2016


Post by Geneviève Gazaille

This weekend, get your buzz on at the Queen Bee Party, hosted by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum! On Saturday, August 20th, learn everything there is to know about bees on World Honey Bee Day.

The importance of bees has been all over the news as of late as bee colonies are collapsing. Different groups are making a point of raising awareness and telling people how they can contribute to this problem.

All photos courtesy of the Agriculture and Food Museum.

Photo courtesy of the Agriculture and Food Museum.


One solution could be to host one of Gees Bees Honey Company’s bee hives. The people behind this company will be at the event to tell you how you could host a hive in your backyard and get your own honey without having to lift a finger. They will also be selling a special batch of honey to support the Ottawa Food Bank. If you’d prefer to get your own hive, Bee Savvy Hives will showcase their local wooden version.

While you’re there, make sure to check out “Taking Care of Beesness“, the museum’s exhibit about bees, their role in the pollinating process, honey production and beekeeping.

Now, wait a minute! You’re probably wondering about the tasting component. Honey is food after all. You’ll get to try handmade honey ice cream and attend a Pure Kitchen food demo highlighting honey. A few food vendors will also be there to satisfy your taste buds.

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Photo courtesy of the Agriculture and Food Museum.

If you’re more in tune with your spiritual side, participate in a workshop on the healing power of honey by Truebee by Peachey Honey Farm or join the 4pm yoga class with Kate Durie.

Families are definitely a good fit for this event as it includes face painting, games and a Bee Costume Contest for the little ones, who could win a birthday party at the museum. Although you may be tempted to wear a costume of your own, don’t! It’s just creepy.

As Alex Benay, President and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation says, “One third of the food we eat requires pollination by insects and honey bees play a critical role in our food security. The Queen Bee Party […] will be celebrating the smallest contributors to the farm, who play such an integral role in agriculture.”

If you can’t make the party, you may want to visit the museum’s virtual exhibition, Bees, a Honey of an Idea.

The Queen Bee Party takes place August 20th from 9am to 5pm at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. Entrance to the event is included in the admission fee (Psst! Entrance to the museum is free from 4pm to 5pm!).