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Beautiful, awesome and meditative: Ikebana exhibition

By Sanita Fejzić on March 31, 2015

This weekend, the Japanese Embassy hosted its annual Ikebana exhibition, which always takes place in early spring. It was beautiful, awesome and meditative. How fitting to showcase the art of Japanese floral design as trees prepare to blossom. While we wait for the fragrance of flowers in winter’s shadow, the air is crisp with the perfume of warmer possibilities. Below is a photo essay of the event, with accompanying haikus.

Purple petals and deep blue kimono
penetrate the camera lens.
The water is very still.

Ikebana exhibition 1


Yellow perfume enters space
outside of time,
the eternal fragrance of beauty.

Ikebana exhibition 2


Strong tree trunk—
branches flower with mushrooms
while leaves fan, kissing empty space.

Ikebana exhibition 3


Two bamboo paths
cross but never touch. Below,
pink roses in full bloom.

Photos courtesy of Sanita Fezjic.


Lines whose rhythm zig-
zags, anchors the leaf’s green breath.
In formality, there is flow.

Ikebana exhibition 5


In the wave of a branch, in a simple green line—
the dynamic design of nature.
The artist’s spirit is present.

Ikebana exhibition 6

If you can make it, check out the four-day only Ikebana exhibition, Infusion, coming to the Museum of Nature (240 McLeod St) from April 16 to 19, 2015.