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Two of Lagered Tales podcast hosts, aka employee-owners, Kimberlea Jones and Josh Gottlieb. Photo provided by Beau's.

Tour de blogosphere: Beau’s launches its own brewery podcast, Lagered Tales

By Jordan Duff on November 30, 2018

Lagered Tales is a new podcast courtesy of Vankleek Hill’s Beau’s All Natural Brewing. If you’re new to podcasts, as I was, they are like radio shows but more interesting and use the internet.

The themes and material are fun and entertaining and go beyond just talking about beer (though, there is also lots of talking about beer). Topics range from beer styles, to music, to true crime, to English soccer.

It’s a great listen for fans of Beau’s, fans of beer or just fans of good podcasts. And being fans of podcasts is actually how the folks at the brewery decided to launch Lagered Tales. “A lot of our staff are podcast fans, and doing a podcast just kept bubbling up as something of interest,” says Jen Beauchesne, Communications & Top Secret Projects, “But we knew we didn’t want to make something that felt like a big long ad for our beer. When we had the idea to take an authentic, story-telling approach to talking about our own ethos and culture, everyone jumped on board right away.”

When we had the idea to take an authentic, story-telling approach to talking about our own ethos and culture, everyone jumped on board right away.—Jen Beauchesne, Communications & Top Secret Projects

The authenticity of the show comes through, especially because the brewery involves so many staff members. This allows for a real connection through the interviews, resulting is a more conversational approach. Josh Gottlieb, Signature Event Coordinator, and Emilie Quinn, Customer Engagement, pull double-time as your hosts. “We have a lot of fun and creative people at Beau’s,” says Beauchesne. “Some with journalism and broadcasting experience, and some who just love an audience.”

Building off his fame as the Beau’s Oktoberfest MC, Designer Eddy Earwigg has a recurring role on the podcast as an on the street interviewer. “Eddie used to have a fake-news radio show he did for fun on our uber-local Vankleek FM, so this was right up his alley,” explains Beauchesne, “He’s having fun playing this character he created of the guy who is just learning about Beau’s, even though he’s actually one of our long-time employees.”

Aside from being enjoyable, it’s also an informative listen. For instance, Episode 1 revealed that the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies are returning to Ottawa for another event in December. The podcast lets the employees have fun and show their personality.

Going forward, the brewery plans to release a new episode every two weeks. Fans of the show can pitch ideas to the team by emailing

Previous Lagered Tales episodes can be found online at or through your regular podcast platform.