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All photos by Kenneth Ingram

Our contributor attempts an escape from The Brewmaster’s Office, the new Beau’s Brewery room at Escape Manor

By Kenneth Ingram on October 19, 2016





Apt613 was invited to try The Brewmaster’s Office, the newest escape room at Escape Manor in downtown Ottawa with a Beau’s Brewery theme.

If the pressure of escaping from a psychiatric institution or fleeing murderers or zombies in your free time sounds like a bit much, The Brewmaster’s Office offers a lighter theme (and a refreshing change of pace) for escape room enthusiasts in Ottawa.


The barn-style room can host up to six people who race against the digital clock while attempting to decipher various clues – and ultimately, if successful – rescue a precious formula for beer (said to be the last in the world) before the cops show up in a modern prohibition-era setting.

While the room is relatively new (as of this summer), it already has a few stories from staff – including an engagement ring that was hidden inside a safe and set the scene for a real-life proposal.

“I was crying with them as if I was part of the wedding,” says Sydney, one of the hosts at Escape Manor as she shakes her head while recalling the moment.

She adds that her colleague, Alicia, was one of the designers for the new room.

“Escape Manor had a [design] competition for the staff,” Alicia explains while welcoming visitors at the front desk and serving drinks.

“We knew that Beau’s [All Natural Brewing Co.] would be the theme for the room and we formed in small groups to propose options,” she says.

All of us have a competitive nature and it was a lot of fun. I would love to design another one.”

Photo by Kenneth IngramBeau’s is based in Vankleek Hill, eastern Ontario, also known as the ‘gingerbread capital of Ontario’ because of its wooden Victoria-era homes that sport original gingerbread-like décor. As for the escape room that was inspired by the company, it’s a challenging 45-minute game contained all in one room. While other escape rooms feature multi-rooms, Beau’s Brewery is small but only in size. There are plenty of puzzles that demand every minute as the sound of police sirens can be heard approaching.

“I needed, like, five more minutes,” said one of the members in my group.

The group that went before us escaped in time; however, we were not as fortunate.

“I needed, like, five more minutes,” said one of the members in my group.

And although she was probably lying (a bit), if there’s a lesson to be learned from any of the escape rooms we’ve tried – it’s that booking a second experience, back-to-back, is tough to pass up when your adrenaline is pumping.

Escape Manor will open another new three-room experience, Mystery Motel, this Thursday [October 20th] at 41 York Street in the Byward Market.

There are also other rooms to experience at both the downtown Ottawa and Hintonburg locations, as well as plenty of other escape room companies throughout the NCR.

Prospective guests may also want to take a stab at the zombie apocalypse (tickets go quick) as Escape the Deifenbunker returns for a limited time in the march (or crawl) towards Halloween.

Beau’s Brewery is the newest escape room at Escape Manor’s 201 Queen Street location in downtown Ottawa.  Game time is 45 minutes for up to six players. Cost is $20 (plus tax) per person. There’s a less than even chance you’ll escape Beau’s Brewery in time – so make every minute count!