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Beau’s community achievements recognized at the United Way’s Community Builder of the Year Awards Gala

By Jordan Duff on May 29, 2017

“We firmly believe that beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it.” — Steve Beauchesne, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co-founder.

Breweries are amazing community partners. Yet even among that esteemed company, Beau’s All Natural Brewery has been setting the standard for more than a decade. On May 18, they were recognized by United Way Ottawa, winning this Community Builder Award. It’s really the perfect award for a company that has always paid it forward the support they have received from their hometown of Vankleek Hill, their greater Ottawa community and the brewing industry.

Last Thursday, a 700-person gala was held at the Shaw Centre to recognize a handful of individuals who are outstanding contributors to the Ottawa-area. This included individuals, nonprofits and businesses. In addition to Beau’s brewery, there were awards for Walk This Way, Michelle Valberg, TD Bank, Parkdale Food Centre, Aaron Cayer, project step plus a surprise award for Chris Sheppard.

Throughout the evening, $11,513 was raised for the aforementioned project step, a community initiative to prevent and fight youth addictions. This number was tripled by an anonymous donator.

Steve Berauschend accepts the Community Builder Award on behalf of Beau's. Photo via Facebook (United Way/Centraide Ottawa)

Steve Beauchesne accepted the award on behalf of Beau’s. Photo via Facebook (United Way/Centraide Ottawa)

Steve Beauchesne accepted the award on behalf of Beau’s, and like any polite Canadian, deferred the praise to the United Way and the great work they do locally: “It is hard to accept an award from an organization like United Way/Centraide Ottawa,” says Beauchesne. “They deserve all the awards for the work they do. Picture Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman all getting together and getting you something nice because you had some small part in saving the day; you appreciate the recognition, but you know that they are the superheroes.”

Certainly United Way is a great organization but they appreciate the support that community champions provide them and they aren’t afraid to return the accolades.

“Beau’s is a shining example of the kinds of local businesses that make our region a great place for everyone,” says Michael Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Way Ottawa. “They undertake charitable work with traditional values of community engagement and financial donations, and they also find innovative ways to give back. For example, by using Operation Come Home’s Bottleworks program to deliver their Buy Your Beau’s Online products, Beau’s helps employ at-risk youth in a social enterprise that develops entrepreneurial skills and keeps kids off the streets. Beau’s has made a conscious effort to make a difference in our city, and many other businesses in Ottawa and the surrounding area are following their lead.”

Events like this really show that Ottawa, despite becoming a sophisticated city, still is a community. Cheers to United Way, Beau’s brewery and all the participants who make this such a great city.

And good beer stands on its own, but it certainly tastes better when you feel better about drinking it!