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Bake on! Ottawa Cookie Jam comes to town

By Chris Cline on September 28, 2013

Ever dreamt of being in a room surrounded by delicious, drool-inducing cookies with a license to sample as you please? I have, and it looks like my dreams are coming true as the first inaugural Ottawa Cookie Jam rolls into town on October 5 at Parkdale United Church. And while my dreams of having free rein might have to be reined in a bit (who could really eat dozens of cookies in one shot, apart from those otherworldly competitive eaters, anyway?) with 60 bakers signed up and ready to bring their A game, there won’t be a lack of variety on display.

If you attended one of the seemingly defunct Cupcake Camps, you’ll have a decent idea of what to expect at the Cookie Jam. Bakers are set to ply their wares for a group of judges and an adoring crowd. The judges will make an official decision on the ultimate cookie in a given category, but public opinion will determine which cookies disappear fastest. It should make for a ridiculously tasty event.

While baker slots have long since filled up, you can still register as a taster at the event website. What are you waiting for?

A few weeks back, Apt613 editor Yasmin Nissim had a chance to sit down with Cookie Jam organizer Jessica Dunkin to get the delicious details. You can listen in here.