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Zachary Resnick

Food Editor

Zachary is a chef-turned-freelance writer, born and raised in Ottawa. He enjoys travelling for food, writing about food, reading about food and has even been known to eat food.

From banquet to BBQ: Former hotel chef Pat Riggins has shifted gears to making homestyle family BBQ

Since early April, chef Pat Riggins and his small, mostly-family team have been cranking out classic BBQ items and meal kits with much aplomb. Thanks to Riggins’ experience with both restaurant à la carte cooking and the high-volume cooking of banquet service, he’s able to offer an ever-expanding menu of choices, each item boasting exceptional attention to detail.

Ottawa podcasts: At the Pass with Adam Vettorel

Ottawa is known among major Canadian cities for having a very tight-knit restaurant community. Everybody seems to know everybody else and there’s a real sense of respect and admiration between restaurants. The warring camps that other cities have are nowhere present here. Acting as a spokesperson for this community is chef Adam Vettorel. He’s already well known as chef-owner of North & Navy, as well as the brand-new Cantina Gia. But did you know he has his own podcast?