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Trevor Pritchard

Setting the wayback machine for 1890: a trip through Ottawa’s new central archives

On the weekend, the city’s new three-storey, 92,000 sq.-ft. central archives building opened its doors to the public. And like the historical-document-loving nerd that I am, I jumped in my car, raced out to Nepean, and made a beeline straight for its collection of old municipal bylaws, quite possibly trampling some poor child in my […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Two wheels good, four wheels bad

Hey there, audiophiles, and welcome to another edition of Apartment613 Live. This week, we’re all about our two-wheeled friend, the bicycle. We chat with Hans Moor, president of local advocacy group Citizens for Safe Cycling, about the newly-minted segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue. Ottawa Citizen deputy digital media editor Drew Gragg gives us the […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Crowns, complaints, and cool indie pop

Happy belated Dominion Day, audiophiles! We’re a bit late with the most recent edition of the Apartment613 Live podcast, but understandably so – when the nation’s birthday coincides with a visit from our newly-married royal overlords, everything deadline-related goes pear-shaped. (Will and Kate, that little Britishism was my wedding gift to the two of you.) […]

Dear Interweb: Where should I go to catch Game 7?

The interweb is a series of magical strings invented by Al Gore in the 1990s. Through our ‘Dear Interweb’ column, Apt613 will use its awesome powers to poll its readers on questions of import. If you have a query to make to the interwebs, screw Google – ask Apt613 readers by emailing apartment613 [at] gmail […]

Weekend Roundup: Planning your weekend fun since January 2010

Hey Ottawans, looking to get into some trouble this weekend? Good thing you’ve ended up at the Weekend Roundup, then,  where we’re unloading a bunch of mint condition troublemaking possibilities at bargain-basement prices. No good offer will be refused! (Sorry, I’m still in Great Glebe Garage Sale mode, apparently.) It takes a certain bravado to […]

This week on the Apartment613 Live podcast: Music all the time

Happy heatwave Tuesday, Ottawa. Hopefully these 30C+ temperatures haven’t melted your iPod headphones into your eardrums, because then how would you be able to listen to our most recent Apartment613 Live podcast? (Also, if that’s the case, you may want to see a doctor. Just throwing that out there.) Once again this week, it’s a […]

Weekend Roundup: Things to see and do in Ottawa

Hey all, since Karen’s away for a bit, I’m stepping in this week and next to share my time-tested recipes for a delicious, mouthwatering weekend in the capital. They’re healthy, filling, and perfect for people with allergies (unless, that is, you’re allergic to fun). Nothing says spring like clearing out the unwanted crap cluttering up […]

Shop! Donate! Volunteer! It’s the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale this weekend

Post by Sabrina Bowman, who – disclaimer alert! -is also the co-chair of the GGGGS, along with being an Apt613 contributor. Do garage sales remind you of velour pants and ugly dishware? If so, you’ve never experienced the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale, happening this Saturday from 8am-4pm at 99 Glebe Avenue. The sale is […]

This week on the Apartment613 Live podcast: Tunes aplenty!

So, is everyone having  a good long weekend? Maybe you caught the Ottawa Rock Lottery, or hyper-talented Chelsea rapper Socalled’s one-man pajama party down at Barrymore’s? Or perhaps you took those shiny new Bixi bikes for a whirl (and if you’re one half of that couple I saw biking way out on Island Park on […]