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Trevor Pritchard

The t-shirt contest that time forgot: update!

Hey, all! You might recall that, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we were once having a little t-shirt contest. Well, there’s good news: our team of Harvard-educated mathematicians has nearly finished analyzing the vote totals, and if all goes according to plan, we should be announcing the winners next week! Huzzah! There’s some more […]

Apartment613 Live: The “Apologies for Ottawa” writers speak their minds

Happy Friday, audiophiles. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? We’re only now getting around to posting last week’s episode of Apartment613 Live, which is too bad, because it’s a stellar episode. (Of course, they’re all stellar, but this one is more stellar – stellarer? – than the others. Also, “stellar” is a funny word when you […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Talkin’ Bahá’í with The Hidden Words, plus a bunch o’ tunes

[podcast][/podcast] Hey there, audiophiles! Welcome to another edition of Apartment613 Live, one inspired largely by the now-concluded Ottawa Folk Festival. It’s mainly a music show this time around, although we do chat with James Farr of The Hidden Words about the band’s Bahá’í-inspired music and raising money for east Africa. (Farr clearly felt bad that […]

Live from the Ottawa Folk Festival: Day Three

We’re back with another podcast live from the Ottawa Folk Festival! Last time we chatted with you, it was just me and Ryan Saxby Hill, waxing eloquently about our plans for the four-day music fest at Mooney’s Bay. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from mid-1980s gum commercials, it’s that you should always […]

It’s Pride week in Ottawa!

It’s interesting, but when I sat down to write this post, it occurred to me that part of the reason I’ve never believed the old saw that Ottawa’s a blase government town is due to Capital Pride. The annual parade is actually one of my formative Ottawa memories – I was walking in front of […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Ottawa through the camera lens

Happy World Photography Day, audiophiles! This week on Apartment613 Live, we explore how gazing through a camera – be it a a humble pinhole or an exorbitant DSLR – changes your perception of a place. We talk about shooting the Ottawa tourists don’t see with local photographer Justin Van Leeuwen, whose work graces the local […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: The fine art of the cupcake

Hungry, audiophiles? We’ve got your back – or stomach, more appropriately. This week’s edition of the Apartment613 Live podcast – which you can catch live Thursdays from 2-3 pm on CHUO 89.1 FM, by the way – is all about one of our favourite topics: the mighty cupcake. We launch right into the sugary subject […]

The Polymorphines rock the southern U.S., debut new EP here at home

Earlier this year, Ottawa garage rockers The Polymorphines packed their bags and headed south. Way south. As in, Austin, Texas south. That’s where the lads holed up in a studio to record tunes for a new album, and this weekend they’re giving their fans a taste of  what’s to come with their release party for […]

Local photog’s songwriter series wins international recognition

For most people, the private lives of their favourite musicians remain mysterious and remote. Sure, we can see them rock out on stage, or read their ponderings on Twitter. But it’s not as easy to glimpse the personal spaces where they do their writing and recording. That’s what makes local photographer Jamie Kronick’s photo series […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Taking the pulse of local media, plus Ottawa’s best public spaces

[podcast][/podcast] Breaking news, audiophiles: today’s edition of the Apartment613 live podcast is all about media. In our first interview, we chat with two of the city’s biggest proponents of micro-focused local reporting: OpenFile Ottawa editor Nick Taylor-Vaisey and Spacing Ottawa editor Evan Thornton. A bit later, we invite into the studio a couple of CHUO […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa

Hey Ottawans, looking for some weekend plans? The Weekend Roundup has its magnifying glass out, its trusty bloodhound at its side, and is on the case. This is one mystery we’re not going to let go unsolved. Starting with music: there ain’t no party like a B.A. Johnston party, because a B.A. Johnston party just […]

Tweeting the Bluesfest stage collapse

I could’ve been there. Had the storm clouds and high-velocity winds held off for a couple of hours, I’d have been front-and-centre for the Great Bluesfest Stage Collapse of 2011. I’d have probably been nodding along thoughtfully to Ben Gibbard’s wistful lyrics, maybe six rows back, when five storeys’ worth of soundstage would have torn […]

This week on Apartment613 Live: Bye bye Bluesfest

Hey there, audiophiles! Hope you’re enjoying the final day of Bluesfest. On this music-heavy edition of the Apartment613 Live podcast, we feature a handful of artists who close out the final week of the yearly summer music extravaganza. We also speak with city archivist Paul Henry about the recently-opened archives building on Tallwood Avenue, and […]

Weekend roundup: Things to do in Ottawa!

Welcome to another edition of the weekend roundup, y’all. I’ll be filling in for Karen as she’s in England for the next few weeks. One can only assume she’s heading overseas to get some fascinator tips directly from the source. Bluesfest is heading into the homestretch, and festival organizers have saved some of the best […]