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Trevor Pritchard

This week on Apartment613 Live: Royal Wood, Creative Mornings, and the one-dollar bookstore

Listen here or on iTunes. Howdy, Apartment613 Live fans! Interested in buying a bookstore? Taking in a beer-themed lecture? Or simply hanging out at a local coffeeshop with one of Canada’s top singer-songwriters? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s podcast. We kick things off with a preview of today’s Creative Mornings lecture — despite the […]

Talkin’ wine, women and song with Royal Wood

Okay, it’s still a few weeks until Royal Wood takes the stage at the National Arts Centre. But the Juno-nominated singer-songwriter made a brief pit stop in our city this week, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with him about all sorts of stuff — like his most recent album We Were […]

Living the Leisure Life with Toronto’s Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg knows how to write a good chorus. Eight years ago, on his third album Darby and Joan, the Toronto indie rock troubadour brewed up “The Boyfriend Song,” an insanely catchy tune about missing money and nonexistent boyfriends that—I’d like to think—was equally irresistible to Canadian music lovers straight and gay. It’s a highlight in a […]

Apartment613 Live: it’s the most wonderful Time(raiser) of the year

Listen here or on iTunes. Or tune in to CHUO 89.1 FM every Wednesday at 9 p.m. So, an admission: whenever someone mentions Timeraiser, the annual art auction that took place this past weekend at the National Gallery of Canada, I immediately think of this horrifying guy. And then I end up mildly terrified. But! The good news […]

Apartment613 Live: going back in time with Jian Ghomeshi

Listen here or on iTunes. Or tune in to CHUO 89.1 FM every Wednesday at 9 p.m. Hola, Apartment613 Live listeners! This week, we air a fantastic two-part interview we originally recorded during the Ottawa International Writers Festival with the multi-talented Jian Ghomeshi,  host of CBC Radio One arts and culture talk show Q and—more […]

Apartment613 Live on Halloween: demonic craft shows, haunted plaid, and music from the damned

Listen here or on iTunes. It’s the Halloween episode of Apartment613 Live, everyone! So brace yourself for a chilling hour of terrifying, bloodcurdling—er, actually, to be honest, we didn’t include too much in the way of traditional frights last week. (Unless you count a shrieking pumpkin toy we dug up.) Then again, maybe you’re terrified […]

Happy 75th birthday, CBC Ottawa! Plus: a contest

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner! Thanks to all who played. And the correct answer to “How many points is ‘Lucy van Oldenbarneveld’ worth in a game of Scrabble?” is 36. It’s kind of cliche to draw attention to how old someone is by pointing out all the quaint stuff that was happening when that person […]

Ottawa Centre Election debate is all about you

If there’s one thing our Neighbourhood Wars feature from earlier this year taught us, it’s that our readership has a big investment in Ottawa’s urban core. Issues like transit, intensification, and arts funding all resonate with people who click on this blog, and we’re fairly certain you want to hear what your provincial Ottawa Centre […]