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Shireen Agharazi-Dormani


Shireen is an artist who’s passionate about human rights and wants to educate herself on injustices whenever she can. If you catch her frowning, don’t worry: that’s just her face. Needs at least 10 hours of sleep, lots of sweets, and hugs every five minutes. Handle with care: very sensitive.

VERSe Ottawa celebrates the art of poetry with communal event, Poetry in the Park

VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual international poetry festival, wants to celebrate the art of poetry, music, and food by presenting Poetry in the Park. The festival will include an entire afternoon of bilingual arts performances along with a delicious lunch. The day of poetry will be held on Aug. 28 from 1pm to 5:30 pm at Strathcona Park in the Sandy Hill area. The event, including lunch, is free for anyone to attend.

Video of the Week: “Life In Spin” by Timothy Trieste

Negotiations with Existence is a short film series written, photographed, and produced by Ontario artist Timothy Trieste. The presentations include lyrical music as well as short story narrations that examine the great questions about the nature of human life. His third and most recent episode came out on Jul. 12.