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Ryan Saxby Hill


Last day to support Jill Zmud’s “Small matters of life and death”

If you’re a fan of local singer/songwriter Jill Zmud‘s work, you’ve got until the end of the day to jump in and support her indiegogo campaign. Her new record is a bit of an homage to an uncle she met for the first time through his recordings. It’s a fascinating story and we caught up […]

Height-of-the-party vibe before the sun goes down

Every year, restaurants, galleries and clubs sprout up around the city, offering new and undiscovered spaces for artistic and culinary talent, cultural and social activities, and opportunities to meet new people. Sometimes though, places that have been in the scene for what seems like ages change how they do things and offer up a traditional […]

Foodie Friday: Taste some lesser-known goodies at the Underground Chef’s Market

There’s another food event in town this weekend. The Underground Chef’s Market is bringing together some amateur and professional food folks at the Ottawa Convention Centre to experiment with their ideas and show off some skills. It should be an interesting opportunity to taste some new stuff. There are only two names on the list […]

Apartment613 Talks! 3D printing: The democratization of production

New technology is changing the way that we produce and prototype goods. 3D printers have inspired a new generation of crafters, makers and hackers taking charge of their own production in new and creative ways. This panel will bring together Ottawans thinking about how technology is changing the way we make goods and what this might mean for […]

Sam Amidon channels Mariah Carey at the Ottawa Folk Fest

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] Buried in the lineup for this year’s folk festival is Sam Amidon, the super-cool indie folk artist. It’s great that the festival got him (and also his wife, Beth Orton too!) since it’s an opportunity for folk-loving Ottawans to experience the diversity of the modern scene with an artist whose work is […]

It’s Arboretum this weekend! We’ve been thinking a lot about this festival

Fellow editor Francois Levesque and I sat down with Rolf Klausener and Stefanie Power for a meandering chat about Arboretum Arts Festival, the values that are embedded in it and how things are going this year. It was great to catch up with them about their project and we recorded the conversation for our weekly […]

Lawn Summer Nights: Bowling for Cystic Fibrosis

Lawn bowling isn’t typically understood as a young, hip sport – it brings up images of grey-haired, white-clad folk moving around gracefully on a perfectly manicured lawn. However, a bunch of young people, inspired by one woman’s fight against Cystic Fibrosis, have claimed the sport as their own. At Lawn Summer Nights, teams of four compete […]

Wear your golden handcuffs with pride!

Consider this a bit of payback for our t-shirt contest from last year. Nick Charney and Chris Pointer have come together to create Bureaucratees – a set of satirical t-shirts aimed at the city’s public servants. They’ve combined some of the sayings, puns and funny realities of government employment and some creative design treatments to […]

Remember Camera Obscura? They are playing Bluesfest.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] I used to love Camera Obscura, but it seems like they fell off the face of the earth a bit in recent years. Desire Lines is their first album in four years and it’s got me excited about them again and about their upcoming performance at Bluesfest. I took the opportunity to send them a […]

In the first place

Review by Ryan Saxby Hill 60 min | Storytelling | PG In the first place is a production from Insight Theatre, a program from Planned Parenthood that engages youth participants in a positive discussion of sexual health through theatre created by youth, for youth. The show was a series of monologues on various “firsts” or the pressure […]

Instagram real life with Mark Stephenson’s HipsterMonocle

This week, Ottawa is welcoming some 150 delegates to the city for the Creative City Summit. The summit presents an opportunity for people who work in arts and culture across the country to come together and discuss some of their common challenges and goals. We thought that having a group of cultural thinkers in the […]

Hey Ottawa entrepreneurs: Startup Weekend will provide you the tools to launch

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo]This weekend, the Shopify Lounge will play host to dozens of potential entrepreneurs, all hoping to get their big idea off the ground. Startup Weekend is an opportunity to learn the priciples of “lean start-ups,” a methodology advocated by many tech entrepreneurs that encourages people to put their ideas into practice, learn quickly, […]