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Pam Kapoor

Hey carnivores, this one’s for you: Trailer Pork Boys serve up slow-cooked to go

You know it’s good when you wake up the next morning craving more. I guess you could say the Trailer Pork Boys’ pulled pork sandwich is good, then. Into its second week, Ottawa’s newest food truck is all about the pig. The menu is short, sweet, and to the porkalicious point: sandwiches (pulled pork & […]

Ottawa’s Youngest Farmers’ Market Serves Little Italy & Beyond

Situated in the heart of Little Italy, the Preston Farmers’ Market considers itself a neighbourhood destination for all of central Ottawa. From swiss chard, sauces, and sausages to soaps and sock moneys … the PFM offers “everything you could want in one delicious stop”. Saturday shoppers can find fresh produce & meats, hand-roasted coffee, sweet […]