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Maksim Apelfeld

Weekend Adventure: Wakefield Village

Whenever I find myself planning a weekend trip to get out of town, the two usual suspects come in mind: Montreal with its great restaurants and music scene, and Toronto, with its sports teams, art galleries, and incredible city landscapes. Now, don’t get me wrong, Toronto and Montreal are both great options for a weekend […]

Hidden Gems: The ruins in Gatineau Park

As someone that has grown up and lived in a city environment for most of his life, I often realize how deprived I am of nature and the outdoors. Although I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, I still feel that going for a jog or a bike ride along the canal […]

Hidden Gems: Art Battle!

A few weeks back, on a Saturday night late in March, I decided to stop by the Arts Court and check out the latest edition of Art Battle. For those that have never been, Art Battle is a live painting competition held each month at the Arts Court. Ten participants face off in two initial […]

Hidden Gems: Ottawa Fire Fighters Memorial

For some reason that is beyond me, in all the times that I passed by City Hall, I’ve never noticed the two larger-than-life bronze firefighters posted right next to the Rink of Dreams. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the two bronze statues on a clear Saturday afternoon this weekend as I was walking to […]

Hidden Gems: 195 Elgin

As you walk down Elgin Street near Laurier, it is easy enough to get distracted and miss this week’s gem. It is by no means small, or hidden from view in any way. In fact it sits right along Elgin in one of the busiest parts of Ottawa. Yet it usually goes unnoticed. As you […]

City Pulse: Arts Court Redevelopment – Part 2

In last week’s article, we showcased the existing Arts Court building at 2 Daly Avenue. Now it’s time to switch gears and take a look at how the Arts Court and its surroundings will change over the next few years. At the heart of this transformation is the $34-million Arts Court Redevelopment project by the […]

City Pulse: Arts Court Redevelopment – Part 1

The face of our city is constantly changing and one doesn’t have to look very far to notice it.  New condo developments are springing up all across town, the Lansdowne redevelopment project is now in full-swing, and the construction of the much-anticipated Confederation light rail line is finally underway.  This is just a small taste of the projects […]

Hidden Gems: Sir Winston Churchill mural

This week’s Gem comes to you courtesy of local artist Shaun McInnis known for his wonderful outdoor murals found all around Ottawa. This particular mural is located on a retaining wall at the corner of Richmond Road and Churchill Avenue. The mural depicts former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and acts as a gateway […]