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Kelsey Sunstrum

Community Writer

Kelsey Sunstrum is a writer, cat lady, Ottawa native, mental health advocate, (wannabe) dancer, pop culture junkie, proud feminist, and the most unadventurous foodie there ever was. Her work has been featured on PsychCentral, The Guardian UK, Ottawa Life, and more.

Local collective takes action to offer free arts education to youth

In 2012, the City of Ottawa released the Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture (2013-2018). One of the plan’s four key missions was to “invest in local culture and build cultural leadership.” Unfortunately, in the years since the strategy was published, the arts community has not seen the kind of advancements promised in […]

Porchfest debuts in Hintonburg this Saturday

Though outdoor music festivals almost instinctively bring to mind warm summer air and crisp beer, that tide just may be turning due to a little event called Porchfest. New to the Ottawa music scene, Porchfest debuts this Saturday, October 24, in Hintonburg. Music festivals are about to mean hot Pumpkin Spice Lattés and colorful fallen leaves. […]

every one everyone an all-encompassing, craniospacial experience

For enlightened types, every one everyone, co-presented by the Ottawa Dance Directive as part of Canada Dance Festival, could be awe-inspiring, and uniting, allowing one to connect on a deeper level with other people. For me, it was a panic attack. every one everyone, masterpiece of Berlin-based choreographer, dancer, and dance educator, Shannon Cooney, is […]

Modern Cabaret Revival with Small Stages Canada

Twinkling lights adorned the small stage area, designating the space a dance zone, as 2-person tables in the audience quickly filled up with 3 and 4 people, and attendees dutifully waited in line for their coveted drink tickets. As more and more people filed in and the excited murmurs grew louder, I scanned the room […]

Foodie Friday: Awaken your inner chef with Culiniste

As a foodie, I certainly can’t knock the novelty and decadence of frequenting a restaurant for dinner. From the expertly crafted ambiance to (hopefully) attentive service, the experience extends beyond your meal. Still, often there’s something even more delicious about a quiet, comfortable night in. And, in my mind, a leisurely evening at home and […]

Tour de blogosphere: Get Bjütiful with Brenda Labelle

Librarian by day, blogger by night, Brenda Labelle is the creator and writer of Bjütie, a blog that rejoices aesthetic pleasures while revealing a peek inside this Ottawa gal’s life. Spanning an array of topics, ranging from beauty and style, to performance arts, love and romance, Bjütie is a place to be inspired.  Labelle regards the site […]

Intermezzi: The Art of Time Ensemble proves dolls and dance don’t mix

Intermezzi: Art of Time Ensemble, enjoyed this past Wednesday at the National Arts Centre, marked both the commencement of this year’s Ontario Scene, the annual program celebrating provincial artists of all kinds, as well as International Dance Day. Fitting, as the presentation featured renowned Canadian contemporary choreographers, Peggy Baker and James Kudelka, and internationally celebrated […]