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Katie Marsh


Katie is one of the founding editors of Apartment613. She likes pez, long walks on the beech and staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

Portable #3: Not Just Another French Class,

by Jennifer Miller (@saskagirl) Comedy, Family, Solo |  45 Minutes Zut alors!  Un play en francais?  Ben.. kind of. In Portable #3: Not Just Another French Class, Alexander Gibson takes us back to a time when we couldn’t be trusted to keep our hands to ourselves, quit asking “why,” or make it through an hour without a […]

By Any Other Name

Review by Michaella Francom Drama / 50 Minutes This evening I went to see By Any Other Name, a play which I’d assumed, based on the title, would pose some sort of deep(ish at least) probing questions in the realm of existentialism or other philosophical considerations. Audiences are (presumably/hopefully) familiar with the famous quote from Shakespeare’s […]

Women Who Shout at the Stars

Reviewed by Tania Levy 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Solo | G This is the only time you’ll be able to see a performer of this caliber for $10.00. While it may be her first Fringe show, at the age of 83, Carolyn Hetherington is no stranger to the Canadian stage and cinema. From her […]


Reviewed by Tania Levy 60 min | Comedy, Drama | Mature Immolation has become synonymous with the image of a Buddhist monk protesting against the Vietnam War. This act of sacrifice by fire is one of the most potent images of modern journalism. Giving up your life in service to the greater good is a […]

No Second Chances

Review by Devan Marr 60 Minutes | Comedy, Improv Another solid show by Ottawa locals, GRIMprov. A four man improv troupe, GRIMprov mixes audience participation with high energy (sometimes slapstick) comedy. It’s difficult to write a review for this year’s production, No Second Chances, because there really are no second chances to see the show. In […]

Dicky Dicky

Review by Barb Popel 60 min / Comedy / Mature Besharah and Brown came up with an intriguing gimmick to create their show. Instead of writing their own material, they’ve obtained comedy sketches from eight seasoned Fringe veterans from across Canada and from New York. We’re not told who wrote which sketch, but the audience […]

Einstein! Review

Review by Trish Chang 80 min | Comedy, Drama, Solo, Family In 6th grade I had to do a presentation on Albert Einstein. I made the requisite jokes about his hair…and that’s pretty much all I remember about the project. In my defense, I think I was more preoccupied with my collection of slap bracelets […]

Like what we do here at Apt613? Help us take it to the next level

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo] Today we’re launching our very first indigogo fundraiser here at Apt613. If you like what we do, we’re hoping you’ll take a few minutes to learn more about our campaign. Apt613 is a volunteer-run operation: all of our writers, photographers and editors contribute their time for free. Since starting five years […]

Video of the Week: Zoo Legacy’s CRWD

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube] Zoo Legacy, one of the starts of the NCR’s hip hop scene, launched this video for their single CRWD this week. Their third video features their characteristic blend of rap and indie rock as well as some cameos by some well-known Ottawa locations. The band is currently running a kickstarter campaign to […]