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Joseph Hutt

Arts Writer

Joseph Hutt is an Ottawa writer, dabbling in journalism, radio broadcasting, arts reviewing, and fiction writing. It's a common opinion that he's a busy guy; he would agree. If you like the stuff he writes about and how he writes it, check out his portfolio at!

I think my boyfriend should have an accent

60 min | Storytelling, Solo | PG While the title and the online Fringe description may prepare you for something else entirely, Emily Pearlman’s I Think My Boyfriend Should Have An Accent is an insightful and expertly crafted collection of tales, sporting an incredible juxtaposition of deeper meaning and whimsy. She takes us along to […]

Damaged Goods

60 min | Dance, Physical | G When the doors open, get in and sit down; the show has already begun. It took me a moment to realize this myself, but I was one of the lucky few to witness the building violence of Damaged Goods’ first dance as the rest of the audience was […]