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Jamie MacPherson

Community Writer

Jamie's a volunteer who skateboards and loves helping people. He mentors, supports, and sponsors local womxn skateboarders and donates most of his spare time to several local feminist organizations. Presently, he's a volunteer member of Bourses Tontine Awards, Girls+ Skate 613, and Dress for Success Ottawa, and a team rider with Worryless Skateboarding Company. At home, Jamie reads real books, listens to CDs, cooks vegetarian food from scratch, and looks after his too many houseplants.

City Love Flowers: Lessons in giving

Kate Punnett, founder of City Love Flowers, creator of the Elderflower campaign, which was recognized by Awesome Ottawa and showcased by Ottawa Matters, is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, and community volunteer who gives back to the 613 daily in myriad ways.

Interview: Nancy HiIdinger—The volunteer

“Volunteering found me and I found volunteering,” Nancy tells me, with the sounds of skaters at Charlie Bowins in the background. Through volunteering, she found meaning and purpose. She says it helped her sort her life out, and she owes a lot to volunteering.

Lucky Little Queer: Profile of a very personal Ottawa artist

Art is many things for KJ. The main one is medicinal. KJ’s art often includes positive affirmations, such as “I Am Powerful And In Control,” “I Will Learn And Grow” or “You Deserve Good Things.” They hope these brief messages will lead to real positive change.