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Jenn Jefferys

Community Writer

Jenn Jefferys is an artist and writer who has called Odawa home for a decade. When she’s not browsing small cats on Insta or smashing the patriarchy, you can find her getting lost in the halls of the National Gallery. Jenn is quite proud to have totally bombed at Yuk Yuk’s on Elgin once.

Video of the Week: The electoral western, True Writ by Jackpine

This is a shortened version of an article that originally appeared on Jackpine earlier this month. Click here for the full post. What to the untrained eye might look like a bunch of young, Centretown hipsters dressed in vintage garb (typical hipsters) down in a bar (also typical) speaking in a bunch of goofy accents […]

The reason every 613 punk woke up hungover last Saturday morning

There’s a reason every 613 punk sounded extra raspy when they woke up hungover on Saturday morning. Ottawa got a sweat-soaked close-up of contemporary, high-voltage Portlandian punk on the weekend. This past Friday, April 3, the highly-acclaimed boys of DIVERS managed to fit our sleepy Capital into their North American tour schedule for the very […]

The dream of the 90s is alive in HERVANA

Though each of us begins In Utero, when it comes to rock, seldom do we see any musicians with a uterus getting much public attention – let alone a four piece collective. This is exactly what makes all-female Nirvana cover band, HERVANA, so fascinating. Well, that and their stage names (Skirt Cobain, Miss Novoselic, Dave […]