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Jared Davidson


Jared's love of Ottawa builds up to the point where he must purge it from his system, post by post. When he's not about-towning, he freelances as a communications & marketing manager for your favourite businesses.

Game Summit grows, moves to new venue

Here at Apartment613, we like our digital media. Heck, for all you know we could be computers, sent from the future to enslave all humans with our blog posts. But as enamoured as we are with the world of ones and zeroes, it still doesn’t eclipse our love for clunky, physical board games. Nothing beats […]

The Amalgamation gears up for new album release

Blasting from beat-up antique speakers hooked up to a wobbly turntable in a smoky bar – the ideal listening situation for a band like The Amalgamation. Timmins-conceived and Ottawa-based, the band currently consists of two men who know the meaning of rock, Jeff Bertrand and Brad Martel. Their sound is sometimes described in line with a […]

What to do this New Year’s

It seems like everyone’s talking about 2012 in the past tense these days. Thus far, 2012 has been great, but let’s not put it to rest just yet. A year like this deserves an appropriate send off, and our team of research gnomes has dug up a few events that might be up to the […]

The Chamber Players of Canada prepare for holiday cheer bringing

As I watched the Chamber Players of Canada rehearse for Saturday’s Christmas concert, I felt myself overcome by something like holiday spirit. Granted, some of my good cheer may have seeped into me, osmosis-like, from the frankly gigantic Christmas tree that towered to my left. But I think that the vast majority of it was […]

Video of the Week: Hollerado’s “Pick Me Up”

[youtube][/youtube] The indie rocking Hollerado released yesterday what may be their oddest video yet. And for the band that once filmed themselves racing ostriches, that may be quite an accomplishment. As I look through Hollerado’s extensive library of music videos, it immediately becomes clear that this is a band that values the visual medium. Each of […]

Mother Mother set to take the Bronson Centre back to The Sticks

Mother Mother’s sound is distinctive—three voices, two female and one male, sing beautifully structured harmonies over rock beats and intricate instrumental parts. Once the vocals kick in, it would be difficult to confuse the west coast band with any other. They’ve been described as “art-pop,” a description that, while it can be useful in a […]

Rapping about Print: Jesse Dangerously

“If you listen to enough rap, you kind of just of have to rap.” Jesse Dangerously sits across a glass table from me, a single cupcake untouched on his paper plate. He’s talking about his history, from his youth in Halifax when he first felt the tug of hip-hop to his current life in Ottawa. […]

thirsty Review: A Poetic, Beautifully Performed Descent

When I walked into the NAC’s main doors on Thursday night, I was greeted by a somewhat bizarre image: a row of men with long, fake beards posing for a picture, beers in hand. A glance through that night’s programme made sense of the strange tableau—ZZ Top was playing Southam Hall that night and these […]

Apartment 613 Live for October 24, 2012: Nuit Blanche, Unshaven Mavens, and Union 613

Listen here or on iTunes. On this week’s Apartment 613 Live, Ryan is our lonely host for an hour full of local happenings. Last month’s Nuit Blanche was reportedly attended by something close to 30,000 people, and next year’s nuit can only get bigger. The art-filled night’s organizers are already in the planning stages, securing […]

Apartment613 Live for October 17, 2012

Listen here or on iTunes. This week on Apt613 Live, Karen and Ryan are our guides for an hour of creativity, boxing, and food. First up, Katie Frappier joins us to discuss her upcoming Creative Mornings talk. Frappier is one of the co-owners of Victoire, and she will speak to a crowd of enthusiastic breakfast-goers at The […]

Julie MacCormack: Capturing Neighbourhoods

Festival X draws to a close this Sunday, leaving us photo junkies to find our fix elsewhere. Luckily, it’s never hard to find creative and interesting photography work in Ottawa – you just need to know where to look. And sometimes beautiful photographs turn up in the oddest of places. Like, for example, a local […]

Holly McNarland: Music and Motherhood

Holly McNarland has had one heck of a career. In 1998 she won the Juno for Best New Solo Artist and has since worked with the likes of Matthew Good and The Tea Party. Once best known for her hit song “Numb,” McNarland recently took a break from the recording industry to focus on her […]

Board Games in Ottawa: A Beginner’s Guide

This Sunday, the Nepean Sportsplex will play host to Skirmish 2012, a table-top gaming extravaganza, featuring tournaments of games like Warhammer, HeroScape, and Heavy Gear. Hundreds of competitors do battle, squaring off with their armies of intricately painted miniatures in a test of wits and fortitude. It’s just another example of Ottawa’s growing love of […]