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Jared Davidson


Jared's love of Ottawa builds up to the point where he must purge it from his system, post by post. When he's not about-towning, he freelances as a communications & marketing manager for your favourite businesses.

Blogging the Bluesfest: The Bushpilots

  Sample song: “Everything Falls Apart” by The Bushpilots, off their album Swerve. The Bushpilots have been rocking Ottawa since 2002, and for a band that has spent ten years making music, these guys manage to keep their take on rock fresh and exciting. With a bluesy swing and towering electric guitar sound, their most […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: The Ethics.

Sample song: “Night Train” by The Ethics Last year, Ottawa’s The Ethics were given a spot on the Citizen’s top ten albums of the year for their third album, What I Did For Modern Love. Their most recent offering, the album explores a slightly darker, moodier atmosphere from the band’s previous music. The sample song […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: MonkeyJunk

[youtube][/youtube] Ottawa’s MonkeyJunk has been together for four years, and in that short time they’ve managed win twelve Maple Blues Awards, a Blues Music Award in Memphis, a Canadian Independent Music Award, and a Juno for Best Blues Album. They’re probably one of the more decorated blues bands in Canada. Fronted by the legendary Tony […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Loon Choir

[youtube][/youtube] Ottawa’s Loon Choir is a 7 piece indie-rock/art-pop band that specializes in sweeping melodies and rushing crescendos. They’ve been producing their warm, harmonious sounds since early 2009, and worked with The Acorn’s Rolf Klausner and Obijou’s James Bunton on their first album, Expansion Forces. Their second album, Fire Poems, was released in May. With […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Spencer Scharf

Sample Song: “Walkin’ Blues” by Robert Johnson, performed by Spencer Scharf. Putting the blues back in Bluesfest, Spencer Scharf is a multi-instrumental bluesman. Ukulele, banjo, piano, harmonica, and mandolin are only a few of his favourite string instruments upon which to twang his bluesy chords. Later this year, Scharf will be battling it out as […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: FET.NAT

Song: “Plymouth” written and performed by FET.NAT Fet. Nat. is something of an oddity. Actually, it may be enough to just leave the description at that. Their music is jammy, experimental, and loud. Their lyrics are French, though the band doesn’t necessarily sound like a French band. It’s very original, very odd, yet somehow quite […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: The White Wires

Sample Song: “All Night Long” written and performed by The White Wires. Fresh of recording their anticipated follow up to their album WWII (appropriately titled WWIII), The White Wires are at the top of their game. With the album set to come out on July 31st, the band’s Bluesfest performance could not have been timelier. […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: The Claytones

Song: “Out on the Road Tonight” written by Adam Puddington, Kelly Prescott and Anders Dreup. Performed by the Claytones. Just back from a spring spent in Nashville, the Claytones are returning to their hometown in style with a spot in the Bluesfest lineup. The band just released their debut album, “Lake in the Night and […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Joseph Pollock

Song: “Dwellers” by Joseph Pollock, from his “Migrate” EP. Joseph Pollock isn’t a person. The pseudonym began as a place for band leader Isaac Vallentin to pour his creativity. Now an eight-piece, the band played Bluesfest’s Barney Danson stage last Sunday. Like a regular Dylan, Vallentin assembled a band of cronies to play his music […]

A Tribe Called Red hits Bluesfest Hard

Last night Ottawa’s A Tribe Called Red played Bluesfest. It should surprise absolutely no one that they played a fantastic set – their album, which I reviewed back in March, is rock solid. The one concern that I had going in was that an album created entirely with computers might be rather boring to watch […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Zoo Legacy

Sample Song: “How Much Love” written and performed by Zoo Legacy, off their “Zoo Legacy” EP. Like Gorilaz or M.I.A., Zoo Legacy falls into the category of alternative hip hop, meaning that the rap is generally offset by a melodic chorus. Instrumentation is a focus in this band. Echo-pedaled guitar meanders behind a steady rap […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Jeff Rogers and the All Day Daddies

Song: “Calling Out Your Name” by Jeff Rogers and the All Day Daddies, off the album Let it Show. If you’re on a quest for that Hammond organ sound, if you want some bluesy vocals and some soulful lyrics, it’d be hard to do better than Jeff Rogers and the All Day Daddies. Jeff Rogers […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: Flight Distance

Song: “When the Satellites Fall feat. Escrol” by Flight Distance, produced by Crack Moses, from the album Bad Information. Flight Distance is a great example of why the local hip hop scene deserves all the attention it’s getting. We recently sat down with two members of the band to discuss Bluesfest, life, rap and Ottawa. […]

Blogging the Bluesfest: The Peptides

Sample song: “I’m in Love” written and produced by Claude Marquis, performed by The Peptides The Peptides are something to behold. They were voted “Best Live Show” by XPress readers in 2011, and by all accounts these people are kind of nuts on stage. A sort of fever-dream, their show combines elements of 1950s décor […]