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Hollie James

Community Writer

Born and raised in Ottawa, Hollie is a bohemian scholar, currently living in Wellington West with her main man and the cutest kitty in the world. She writes lifestyle journalism passionately, and hopes that her writing will grow to become her career. She yearns for the impossible, would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, thinks gemstones rain from the sky, wishes she could have a pyjama party in the vault of Harry Winston, always has wanderlust, and thinks that it's our job to heal the broken world.

Foodie Friday: Cooking in the Capital

Everyone who’s anyone knows that cooking can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Some of us find joy in deviating from the recipe, mixing this with that and finding out for ourselves what works best. Others are just clearly magically blessed with the ability to find and follow different amazing recipes, resulting in abundant new […]

Flea market frenzy

For many the term flea market isn’t all that appealing, but for me it holds a certain allure. I imagine rummaging through stalls of hidden treasures, losing myself in an open air market filled with ancient, vintage, gypsy magic. So, for once, rather than window shopping along the streets of my own neighbourhood where I […]