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Hollie James

Community Writer

Born and raised in Ottawa, Hollie is a bohemian scholar, currently living in Wellington West with her main man and the cutest kitty in the world. She writes lifestyle journalism passionately, and hopes that her writing will grow to become her career. She yearns for the impossible, would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, thinks gemstones rain from the sky, wishes she could have a pyjama party in the vault of Harry Winston, always has wanderlust, and thinks that it's our job to heal the broken world.

Health and Home: Four local products you can find in your ‘hood

Everyone has their weekly grocery store routine, and that’s exactly where I used to buy all of my health and home products, but then terra20 opened at the end of my street. Since their one purpose is to encourage a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, how could I not check it out? Ever since stepping in for the first […]

Let’s learn about sex, baby!

We all love getting it on. And it’s made even better by the fact that we can talk about it openly and honestly, sharing what works well for us, and that time it didn’t work out so perfectly. As a liberal-minded woman I’m quite open to experimenting sexually (with my monogamous companion of course), and as […]

Three short films resonate at OIFF

This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Ottawa International Film Festival and all screenings took place at the iconic Mayfair Theatre. Over the course of four days, twenty-five narrative features, short films, and documentaries from all corners of the world were showcased. Although it was almost impossible to choose just one film, I decided […]

Creative in the Capital: Two art workshops everyone should try

Ottawa is certainly brimming with a creative force, people and events alike. Some of our favourite things to do include the many local arts and music festivals, intimate vernissages, and quirky performances. I decidely to think of myself as being creative in my writing and especially in my ideas, but I’m surely more of a […]

Foodie Friday: It’s Oktoberfest everyday with Brew Donkey

What are you doing right now? Maybe you’re at work with way too much to do, inside your home with a lengthy list of chores, or drowning in debt with little money to throw down on an activity that isn’t listed on Groupon. We all have a million reasons for being stuck in the house, […]

Three things to remember when volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

There’s a slew of volunteer opportunities in Ottawa – it’s possible to work with animals, children, and international aid, among others. If you can remember as far back as highschool, you might recall being forced to spend 40 whole entire precious teenage hours dedicating your time to one cause or another – an actual requirement […]