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Gloria Song

Arts Writer

Gloria is a writer, lawyer, and musician. By day, she loves to geek out on legal research, especially on human rights and development issues. By evening, she's the frontwoman for Ottawa indie band Scary Bear Soundtrack. By late night, she's all about blanket burritos.

Experimental band WHOOP-szo combine healing with art

I’m trying to call WHOOP-szo frontman Adam Sturgeon from my cell phone in western Nunavut to his cell phone in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, where the band is recording between gigs. The cell phone service, he warns, is “coming in and out” in little bits. It’s a challenge – there are lags in conversation while […]

Video of the Week: What I Do by The Joynt and Maya Mayne

[youtube][/youtube] Ottawa rapper the Joynt just released the music video for his anti-bullying song “What I Do”. It’s possibly the most inspirational rap music video the city has seen in a while. A rapper who stutters in his normal speech but interestingly does not stutter when he raps, Peter Joynt has been giving talks at […]

Mitt Romney with Mascara: Political Femme looks at power and drag

If you thought Margaret Sutherland’s “Emperor Haute Couture” portrait of a nude Stephen Harper stirred the waters, wait till you see the new art display at Shanghai Restaurant by Ottawa artist Julie Cruikshank. Ms. Cruikshank’s art series “Political Femme” features 20 paintings of white male politicians in drag.  She’s carefully chosen politicians, both Canadian and […]

Beckta’s Gezellig makes Westboro an offer it can’t refuse

By Gloria Song and Robert Mayne. Gloria is a lawyer and a writer based in Ottawa. Rob is a chef trained at the Cordon Bleu, also based in Ottawa. Few restaurant openings have been anticipated this year as much as Gezellig. Roughly translated as “cozy” in Dutch, Gezellig is Stephen Beckta’s newest restaurant located in […]

UPDATED: New Orleans Night at the Jazz Festival

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube] [<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Live at the Ottawa Jazz Fest New Orleans Night” on Storify</a>]This post was updated with Gloria’s Live Tweeting. Here is Gloria’s preview from earlier. Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613 as well as the frontwoman for her band Scary Bear Soundtrack. The year I turned […]

The daydreamy world of Plumes

Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613, and frontwoman for her own band Scary Bear Soundtrack Plumes is the new name for the Montreal/Brooklyn band formerly known as Flotilla, but Flotilla fans need not worry:  it’s still the same band.  Of course, then, the question is then where does Plumes Ensemble fits in? After […]

Ottawa vocal group Harmonic Generation to perform on Saturday Night

[youtube][/youtube] Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613. She also has her own band Scary Bear Soundtrack Ottawa’s own a cappella club Harmonic Generation will be putting on a special performance this Saturday night at the beautiful First Baptist Church. The concert is a fundraiser for the Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance, and will also […]

Flash Mob! The Ottawa legal community celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Charter

Tuesday was the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Lawyers and other members of the legal community in Ottawa celebrated by organizing a flash mob at noon on the busy Sparks Street at Metcalfe, right in front of the Federal Court and a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill. In front of […]

Darrelle London’s peach of an album at Centrepointe

Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613. She also has her own band, Scary Bear Soundtrack. Darrelle London once faced a choice between law school and music. “When I was finishing undergrad,” she tells me over the phone, “I was interested in law as an academic subject, and I think I would like law […]

Janelle Monae

The TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival announces its 2012 lineup

Gloria Song is a music writer for Apartment613. She also has her own band, Scary Bear Soundtrack. The TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival announced its lineup for the 2012 season yesterday at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth stage. Claiming to have “the most ambitious programming schedule ever”, the schedule features 900 musicians playing 120 concerts […]