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Eva Morin

Keep calm and game on: Ottawa International Game Conference puts the city on the map

“A rising tide raises all ships.” It’s a phrase that Kyle McInnes — organizer of the  Ottawa International Game Conference (OIGC), currently running until May 31st at the Ottawa Convention Centre — used a few times during our interview, as a way to describe the rapid change occurring in Ottawa. In this context, the “rising tide” is […]

My Neighbourhood Bites: Searching for Ottawa’s hidden foodie talent

Ottawa residents are privileged by the rich cultural culinary landscape and all it has to offer. Mexican, sushi, Mediterranean, and of course, shawarma, are typically all available in Ottawa’s various neighborhoods. However, while great food is right around the corner, we all have our special recipes that we can’t wait to show off to friends, […]

Ron Eade: Taking a Bite out of Life

Ron Eade got me cooking in the kitchen as soon as I walked into his home. The recently retired food editor for the Ottawa Citizen was whipping up some shrimp and grits, and called on me for help. I will be the first to admit that my cooking skills are subpar (I had always thought […]

Is Ottawa Ready To Roll The Dice On A Downtown Casino?

In March of this year, talks of bringing a casino within Ottawa city limits were back on the table after the Ontario government announced a decision to begin accepting private-sector bids for the establishment. The news made headlines, and it seemed like everyone had an opinion on the whereabouts of the casino and if having one in […]

Union Local 613, where class meets southern comfort

There is no shortage of fine dining options in our beloved Capital City. Foodies can get their fix in virtually any neighborhood, and while we’re often accused of playing catch up to trendier Montreal or Toronto, Ottawa is (almost) always on point with keeping up with restaurants fads and new concepts. Recently, a few Southern-style […]

Wunderkammer: Ottawa’s new curiosity shop

Walking into Wunderkammer is like entering an apartment whose owner had recently splurged at an antique store owned by Rilo Kiley. Situated on the trendy intersection of Dalhousie and St Patrick, Wunderkammer’s bright and eclectic décor of antlers, vintage furniture, and nature-inspired artwork is a definite indication of the quirky contents of the store. Co-owners and […]