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Diane Lachapelle

Theatre Reviewer

Diane Lachapelle enjoys reading, writing, playing music, and staring out of coffee shop windows. She started writing theatre reviews for Apt. 613 in February of 2015. She lives in Centretown with her husband Bill and cat Murray, which she just realized is kind of funny.

DIY theatre is breath of fresh air

One of the stated goals of Fresh Meat 4 is to attract non-theatre audiences, partially on the basis that twenty minute bites are easier to swallow than the prospect of a two hour play. For those adept at this new-fangled “binge watching” Fresh Meat will be a breeze and feel like a breath of fresh […]

Monstrous Nights Theatre presents Burning: A Bridge

Burning: A Bridge is the story of two twenty-somethings being pulled apart by life. Jay is intent on moving across the country to pursue fame and fortune while feeling like a fraud and Clara feels trapped at home by commitments to school, work and family. Both feel cast adrift and abandoned by the other and […]

Theatre review: What Happened to the Seeker

In What Happened to the Seeker, there is an illuminating moment when an aging hippie living in India muses on the local custom of going about the everyday business of living when young, working and raising families, then seeking enlightenment later when they are older. He speculates that maybe much of his current disappointment and […]

Happiness™ returns to Arts Court for one week only

According to James Lemon and Peter Barrell, a couple of “Happiness Crusaders” for HPL, the worldwide self-help conglomerate at the centre of Happiness™, the driving question of the millennium is: “Can you really affect personal change from the outside in?” and the answer is a resounding “yup!” The performance uses both the Arts Court Studio and […]

undercurrents: Un Cabaret Trendy-Trash

Le Cabaret Trendy-Trash is an interconnected series of pieces by the writers’ collective Les Poids Plume, presented in a well-rehearsed reading as a unified text by five of its members. The pieces explore what it means to be a francophone of the Ottawa-Gatineau region, or more simply, the Outaouais, because as we’re reminded, “Ottawa n’est […]