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Courtney Merchand

Theatre Reviewer

Jake’s Gift a testament to theatre at its finest

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Isabelle” “Isabelle who?” “Is-a-belle necessary on a bike?” Although humour was neither characters’ strong suit (knock knock jokes turned into an elaborate explanation), their chemistry was palpable and full of playful banter. This slightly somber, albeit completely heartwarming play brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation. There wasn’t a […]

GCTC presents a pointed political satire for election season

What better city than the nation’s capital and what better time than with a federal election hot on our heels for the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) to debut their 41st season with Michael Healey’s politically-charged satirical piece, Generous. Healey, an award-winning playwright, is no stranger to stirring up controversy in the theatre scene with […]

#WALK Together, it’s that simple

If you’ve been roaming the streets of downtown, soaking up some of this temperate summer weather in the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed some rather peculiar black-and-white posters taped to utility poles. No fancy pictures. No attention grabbing graphics. Just: #WALK TOGETHER JULY 18TH PARLIAMENT HILL 2:00PM This may have created more […]

Laughter first, yoga second: Through the Gaze of a Navel

Well, it finally happened folks. There I was, bent over in my Downward Dog when Emelia Symington Fedy – the yoga instructor, professional advice giver, self-proclaimed pop psychology expert and witty performer – told the class to “twerk it like you can work it”. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be encouraged to […]

Chamber Theatre Hintonburg lets the beast out

Hunched over, shovels in hand, the firemen get to work feeding coal into the belly of the beast. The rhythmic sound of laboured grunts fill the silence. Welcome to the bowels of an ocean liner, an all too real picture seamlessly painted by the cast of The Hairy Ape: a Comedy of Ancient and Modern […]

Unshaven Mavens: Growing out with a bang

After three years, the Unshaven Mavens are ready to hang up their razors one last time for the month of October as they gear up for their fourth and final year – but not before challenging themselves to beat their own fundraising record. Join the Mavens in solid-hair-ity for their last year and make the […]

Stompa your heart out: Serena Ryder warms the crowd at Folk Fest

There was definitely no lack of participation as the crowd clappa-ed their hands and stompa-ed their feet to Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder’s performance at the Ottawa Folk Fest on Thursday night. Ryder, whose set followed an unforgettable performance by New Zealand teen sensation Lorde, unleashed her hit single “Stompa” to kick off her concert. I […]

Driving Miss Daisy receives a just revival at the OLT

When you hear talk of Driving Miss Daisy, the names Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy usually aren’t too far behind. But after watching the Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT) take on this iconic production, all I can say is Freeman who? The lights of the theatre fade to near darkness, silence mixed with anticipation settles over […]