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John McDonald

Arts Writer

Talking Albums: Peter McNestry

Peter McNestry has taken musical collaboration to a different level. In addition to his solo music, he is involved with six other projects, worldwide. His main focus is the “psychedelic shoegaze” project The Pink Elephants, but there’s also Marble Apples, The Red Daggers, Blakkr Nio, Gravity’s Rainbow and Deep Lord. Here’s what he’s been listening to these days.

Talking Albums: Dick Cooper

Dick Cooper has had quite a career. In the 1970s, he co-founded The Cooper Brothers with his brother Brian and their friend Terry King. Three of their singles charted in the Billboard Hot 100 and they toured extensively with the likes of The Doobie Brothers, Joe Cocker, and Charlie Daniels. A very busy and creative person, how is Dick Cooper spending his stay-at-home days?

Talking Albums: Paul Slater of Monobrow

When guitarist Paul Slater moved to Ontario, he left behind B.C. and his days with the stoner metal band Sir Hedgehog. Settling in Ottawa, Paul placed an online musicians wanted ad. He had in mind, for the band that was to become Monobrow, a sound influenced by Black Sabbath, Budgie, Kyuss, Captain Beyond, and Funkadelic.

Talking Albums: Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson and The East Wind have taken the heartwarming harmonies of their lively “maritime kitchen party” live show to the stages of JunoFest, RBC’s Bluesfest, the NAC, and venues throughout Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Jessica joined us to talk about how she’s spending her stay-at-home days.

Talking Albums: Marie-Clo

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Marie-Clo began her artistic career with musical theatre. It was music, though, that was her true passion, so Marie-Clo made the decision to concentrate on that. As it turns out, that was a good decision.

Talking Albums: Dylan Black

Dylan Black is all about Ottawa. His dedication to our community has been recognized with numerous awards including The Max Keeping Humanitarian Award and the Mayor’s City Builder Award. Dylan devotes countless hours to charity with a goal of attending 365 events each year. He tells us about his pandemic days on this edition of Talking Albums.

Talking Albums: Sonny Aiken

Back in the 613 and bursting with music ideas, Sonny Aiken joins Talking Albums to tell us about his “stay-at-home” days following his world travel.