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Colin Noden

Arts Writer

Writer, Traveler, and Insatiable Researcher. Colin moved here several years ago and was overwhelmed by the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit of the city. "I had to learn to pace myself. It's impossible to take in everything that's going on." Mystified by the label of “the city that fun forgot” (given to us by a guy whose idea of a fun vacation was visiting English pubs in Portugal), he joined Apt613 to help set the record straight. Ottawa is now his home base when not travelling.

Fringe Review: @SadClown420xx

Colin Noden: “SadClown is not a self-indulgent depressive. She’s trying. She’s hopeful that the next thing that comes her way will be life-transforming. Diving right in and giving it her all can get pretty messy. But she’s willing to give it a go.”