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Christine Seguin

Arts Writer

Bill Burr returns with more ‘uneducated rants’

Having just completed a long stint of convalescence due to a severe injury, I have come to appreciate the power of laughing at shit when it goes horribly wrong.  Thanks to the wealth of comedy specials on Netflix (and painkillers…lots of them), I was kept from going stir-crazy while the rest of you schlepped about […]

Jeremy Hotz: Misery loves an audience

Ottawa native and standup road warrior Jeremy Hotz will be airing his grievances on Saturday February 13th at the National Arts Centre as part of his International Man of Misery Tour, presented by Just for Laughs. Fans of comedy will recognize Hotz’ signature stance:  sideward facing, chin leaning on hand and furrowed brow.  He has […]

Tahini Moitra’s collages mix modern commentary with vintage imagery

Tahini Moitra is a third year graphic design student here in Ottawa.  Born in Mumbai City, India, Tahini has been studying in Canada for the past seven years, most recently at Algonquin College.  While wrapping up her program, she was eager have a few pieces of her work stand out from her classmates’ work.  This […]

Local artist Ariane Beauchamp explores natural world with digital illustration

Local artist Ariane Beauchamp’s medium of choice has typically been ink and watercolour.  The themes of her work, being nature, death and decay lend themselves perfectly to the unpredictable nature of the materials she uses.  “The ink tells me what is going to become of the piece. It will move, fall and dry in a […]

Yukon Blonde plays the NAC + ticket giveaway

This weekend, Ottawa will be hit with two Canadian talents Yukon Blonde and Hey Rosetta! for the second time this year after two knockout performances at the Dragon Boat festival in June.  These bicoastal sweethearts will be rocking Southam Hall at the NAC on Sunday to a packed house who will certainly be dancing in […]