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Bruce Burwell

Community Writer

Bruce Burwell is a retired hi-tech guy who enjoys exploring everything Ottawa has to offer. He loves music and theater and has enjoyed writing apt613 pieces about things that are a little quirky. He hates Brussels sprouts and has difficulty relating to people who enjoy them.

Fringe Review: Anatolia Speaks

Bruce Burwell: “Candice Fiorentino is outstanding as Anatolia. She projects honesty and vulnerability in a totally believable way … When she took questions from the other ESL students, I found myself turning my head to look in their direction—even though I knew they weren’t there.”

That Walking Guy (Facebook).

That Walking Guy wanders the 613 and offers Twitter commentary

Back in January, everything had shut down again and I was doing winter walks around parts of Ottawa that I found interesting and walkable. I decided to write a series for Apt613 called Urban Retail Walks. I did some Google research to see if anyone else was doing anything similar, and immediately found That Walking […]

Me, Vivien Leigh and the Roller Rink preview

A little less than a year ago, CBC news anchor Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld stepped away from her steady gig at the evening news to pursue other projects. This month, her play “Me, Vivien Leigh and The Roller Rink” is on stage at Arts Court as part of the undercurrents festival.

Urban Retail Walks: Bank St. North

Recently, Bruce Burwell has been recommending Urban Retail Walks (URW) to deal with your pandemic-panic cabin fever. A few weeks ago, he recommended a Glebe and Bank St. south walk. This week, we’re going to head north on Bank from the Glebe, cross over Sparks to Elgin and then come back south.

Urban Retail Walks: Westboro and Wellington West

In this series, I’ve been writing about doing Urban Retail Walks through the winter of our pandemic discontent. This week I was going to tell you about a walk along the north part of Bank Street and across Sparks. But there seems to be something going on downtown, so we’ll leave that for another day. A walk down Richmond/Wellington in Westboro it is!

Urban Retail Walks: Bank Street

In this series of Urban Retail Walks articles, Bruce Burwell has been highlighting great winter walks where the sidewalks will be clear and the scenery will be engaging. This week, he’ll tramp the sidewalks of the Glebe and Old Ottawa South down Bank Street from the Queensway to the Rideau River.