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Video(s) of the week: Shorts from the 2012 OIAF

[youtube width=”600″ height=”485″][/youtube] If you’ve watched our video of the week before, you may have noticed they tend to be music videos related somehow to this awesome city. So what have we got for you this week? Wait, where’d that video above come from?! There were no shots of Parliament or Raw Sugar Cafe. No […]

Video of the Week: Kalle Mattson’s Water Falls

[youtube][/youtube] Waterfalls are mesmerizing. Watching them, listening to their soothing lull, it’s easy to lose track of time. You may find watching the new video for local musician Kalle Mattson’s single, “Water Falls,” similar. It’s directed by Kevin Parry, who’s also responsible for the “Thick as Thieves” video that went viral last November (if you […]

From fighting fires to vending vittles: Canicus Catering Inc.

Imagine: it’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon and you’re out mowing the lawn. The ever-present mobile rings, and it’s your best friend calling from Alberta. “Hey man, I was thinking about the pizzas you used to bake at Vittoria’s… Uh, how cool would it be to put an oven in the back of a fire truck?” […]

Destroyer at the Ottawa Jazz Fest

A wonderful late night at the Ottawa Jazz Festival with Destroyer

Late last night, as the final saxophone vibrato drifted off towards Parliament, many of the sleepy, satiated jazz aficionados packed up their blankets from the front of Ottawa Jazz Festival’s Canal stage and started their journey towards home. Those who managed to avoid a jazz coma made the quick jaunt across the road to catch […]

Pimp yo’ bi-pedalled ride: Breaking Away

You love your bike. It helps keep you fit, it’s never runs  late, and paying for parking is a non-issue. Sometimes though, you forget to show your velocipede the love it deserves. You leave it locked outside, subject to the weather, and let it gather rust. You lock it to lamp posts or sign posts, […]

Wake up (with) little Suzy: SuzyQ Doughnuts

The widespread distribution of Timmy Ho’s is probably a pretty good indication of how much us Canucks like doughnuts. However, if you’ve got an avó, grand-mère, or oma you’d probably prefer one of their malasadas, beignets or berliners to a honey cruller. Don’t have a grandma who makes homemade doughnuts? Not to worry. Head to […]

Cupcake Killer No. 1: Le Macaron

In their new series, Ashley & Jessica looks beyond the reigning indulgence to see what”s next in line for the throne. Cupcakes are dead; long live trendy pastries! Like them or not, cupcakes are trendy. We know, we know, you’d been making them for your kids long before Sex and the City was even an […]

Making Mornings Marvellous: Macarons et Madeleines

Created with Admarket”s flickrSLiDR. Passion is a difficult thing to describe. While it might not be easily defined, it is certainly easy to spot. When you meet him, Stéphan Ethier’s passion is immediately apparent and instantly enchanting, just like the sensational aroma of baking that overtakes you upon entering 46 Lorne Ave. Ethier is the Mâitre […]