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Andrew Elliott

Columnist / Streetscape Memory Bank

Andrew Elliott is a private archivist at Library and Archives Canada. He will be publishing a book on Ottawa's historic streetscapes in late 2016 or early 2017. He can be reached at or

Streetscape Memory Bank: The Nicholas Sparks House

Nearly 60 years ago, in late 1954, the Nicholas Sparks house was demolished. Although there had been some serious discussion about preserving the place, the federal government – under the auspices of the Department of Public Works and the Federal District Commission – decided that restoration and preservation would cost too much. Moreover, the house […]

Streetscape Memory Bank: The demolition of the British Bank of North America and the re-shaping of Wellington Street, 1935 – 1939

At Kingsmere, Mackenzie King’s former estate in the Gatineau Hills, stand some picturesque “ruins”.  One set is called the L’arc de Triomphe, and we are told that this is all that is left of the Ottawa headquarters of the British Bank of North America. Most of King’s ideas about capital beautification came from his time […]

Streetscape Memory Bank: Downtown bird’s eye view, 1938

Andrew Elliott is an archivist who by day works with the federal government and by night is a freelance historian who is interested in architectural heritage issues. Elliott has written for Blacklocks Reporter, the Glebe Report, and the Peterborough Examiner. He can be reached at This occasional column will take a look at Ottawa’s […]