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Alessandro Marcon

Arts Writer

Born Ruffians ruffing up Ritual + ticket giveaway

If ‘Born Ruffians’  is a tongue-in-cheek, parodic proclamation of softer sounds and cherubic jowls, in 2015, the band is morphing into, or at the least warming up to, the self-appointed nominalization. On their fourth release, Ruff , the touring 4-piece, hailing originally from the small city/big town of Midland, On (Georgian Bay area), ventures into […]

Marvest: Steaming up the oil jugs

You wake up early in the log cabin Uncle Rod said you could use for the week. It was sunk down deep in the dark green; your car stalled twice bouncing down the sludgy potholed roads that you navigated into it. The birds got you up, their chirping like a swarm of audible spotlights. You […]

Marvest: Spend a night in the intimate wing of Ottawa’s Dynamite Motel

Marvest is an offshoot of the CityFolk festival that runs between September 16th and 20th, at the Aberdeen Pavilion, and along Bank Street. These mostly free shows feature local bands, and we’ll be profiling some of those bands. Singer-songwriter, Dynamite Motel (a trickily-woven anagram for Mindy Amelotte) is something of a veteran on the Ottawa music scene. With […]

CityFolk Festival: What’s New and Our 6 Picks

With just over two decades in the saddle, this year’s rendition of Ottawa’s Folk Fest will showcase two significant changes. The first is a location leap from the grassy banks of Hog’s Back Falls to the now-buzzing and more central locale of Landsdowne Park. This is not the first time the fest has changed locations. […]

Polaris Prize Nominees: B.A. Johnston at Irene’s on Friday

This piece is part of a mini-series covering some of the artists nominated for the Polaris Prize, who are playing shows in Ottawa. Hamilton’s B.A. Johnston, the tenaciously-touring troubadour has become a cornerstone of the Canadian music scene in that when he tours this vast nation, he really covers all of it. His live shows […]

Take 5 for the 2015 Ottawa Jazz Festival

Despite the abundance of genres, the various styles and wide-ranging traditions, jazz essentially is about improvisation, collaboration, and the ongoing quest for exploration. It’s about creating musical moments bound in the precarious nature of time. Or, to say it another way, it’s about sonically interpreting the precariousness of time by collaborating in the construction of […]