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Alejandro Bustos

Alejandro has been writing for Apartment613 since 2012 after a friend introduced him to the site. When not busy being a father to three children, he can be found reviewing books by local authors, as well as covering dance shows, concerts and live theatre.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet to perform at NAC + tix giveaway

We are giving away a pair of tickets to the performance this Saturday, May 23, by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet at the National Arts Centre.  To enter, email by noon Thursday, May 21, with the subject line “Aspen Santa Fe Ballet – Contest”.  A winner will be picked by random draw and notified […]

Ottawa composer Colin Mack debuts violin concerto

Colin Mack has an impressive musical resume.  In addition to composing numerous chamber music works, he has also written — among other things  — a symphonic poem for orchestra, film scores for two short documentaries, and a choral anthem. What the Ottawa-born composer had never done until recently, however, was create a concerto. This will change on Friday when […]

Musical chameleon Lindsay Ferguson releases album

A month ago I was not familiar with Lindsay Ferguson.  Flash forward to today, and numerous times happily bebopping to her music, and I can say that I am officially a fan. Born in Bermuda to Canadian parents, the talented singer-songwriter writes melodic and catchy tunes.  Drawing from folk, pop, acoustic rock and other influences, […]

Alberta’s reggae winds blow into the Mercury Lounge

“Life is a lot like jazz . . . it’s best when you improvise.”  – George Gershwin Musical legend George Gershwin would probably love the story behind Alberta reggae band Tasman Jude.  Two years ago on a January night, friends Caleb Hart and Al Peterson jumped onto a stage for an open mic night and improvised three […]

Write On Ottawa: Love fantasy? Read Caroline Fréchette.

If you like fantasy novels then you should read the work of Gatineau-based writer Caroline Fréchette.  I am a big fan of her Family by Choice series, which revolves around the complex character of Alex Winters, a  brooding young man who can create fire with his thoughts. Having really enjoyed the first book, which came out […]

Kickstarter campaign seeks to fund new card game

Ottawa-based Renaissance Press is best known for publishing the works of up-and-coming authors. The company’s desire to promote creative works, however, is no longer limited to the printed page thanks to the launch of their new gaming division. The first game that the local publisher hopes to release is A Match Made in Austen, a card […]

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist to speak in Ottawa

Chris Hedges is not a subtle man.  In his latest book Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt, the former longtime New York Times foreign correspondent offers a blistering attack on corporate power and political institutions. Local residents can hear him first-hand on Wednesday evening, when he is scheduled to speak at Centretown United Church (507 Bank Street) at 7 […]

Ottawa’s Children’s Festival offers magical joy

[youtube][/youtube] Video of Les Parfaits Inconnus courtesy of YouTube My daughter’s eyes sparkled — her mouth open in disbelief — as she witnessed the remarkable acrobatic routine that was taking place on stage. With five chairs stacked like a game of Jenga beneath him, the performer used his impressive strength to balance himself like an Olympic gymnast. […]

Write On Ottawa: Talented youth writers to speak at Wakefield Writers Festival

[youtube][/youtube] This 2015 video stems from an intergenerational spoken word poetry group that brought together seniors and youth.  This collaboration is between Lara Kelly, 14, and Lenore, 85. The CinePoem was created by Craig Conoley of Dan Rascal, City of Ottawa Youth Intern Akuol Luala and volunteer Bryce Wilson.   Inside a child’s bedroom, or […]

I bet you will love (or hate) FACETS at Ontario Scene

[youtube][/youtube] Let me come clean from the start: FACETS, the new work by Ottawa-born choreographer Tedd Robinson, is not for everyone.  Some people will hate this piece, which is running until Saturday at the National Arts Centre as part of Ontario Scene.  For others, however, this work will be seen as brilliant, with its fearless […]

Graceful Rebellions offers unique view of Afghanistan

When you hear the name “Afghanistan” what image comes to you mind?  The Taliban?  Opium warlords?  The Canadian military base in Kandahar? For many people, all they know about this landlocked country is what they read in newspapers, hear from politicians or see on TV reports.  But what about regular Afghan people, what is their […]

Ottawa’s Tedd Robinson presents new dance work + ticket giveaway

We are giving away a pair of tickets to see the Saturday, May 9 performance of Facets by choreographer Tedd Robinson at the National Arts Centre.  To enter, send an email to with the subject line “Tedd Robinson” by noon Thursday, May 7.  A winner will be picked by random draw and notified on Thursday […]

The flesh and spokes of our common humanity

You probably have heard that a person who loses one sense, such as sight or hearing, can compensate by strengthening their other senses. Science supports this view – see, for instance, a study on how people who are born deaf use parts of their brain that normally processes sound to process touch and vision.  In other words, the loss […]

Poets, music, writers and wine in Wakefield!

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.” ?    John Keats If the 19th century romantic poet John Keats were alive today and living in the National Capital Region, he would almost certainly be going to the annual Wakefield-La Pêche Writers Festival […]