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Alejandro Bustos

Alejandro has been writing for Apartment613 since 2012 after a friend introduced him to the site. When not busy being a father to three children, he can be found reviewing books by local authors, as well as covering dance shows, concerts and live theatre.

Write On Ottawa: The man who changed our city forever

Jacques Gréber is arguably the most important person in Ottawa’s history.  If you want to know why Canada’s capital looks the way it does, then you can thank (or blame) this famous French architect who played a pivot role in our city’s development. Following a request by Prime Minister MacKenzie King, the Gréber Plan was released in 1950. […]

Observing music through photographs

What does music look like?  For local photographer Jehu Jacob Mahautiere this question is at the forefront of his artistic work. “I was a DJ in Montreal, that is where my passion for art comes from,” says Mahautiere, who moved to Ottawa about a decade ago. His time spinning records in night clubs and dance […]

Wonderful outdoor dance show is pure artistic gold

This past Saturday I got a glimpse into the future of dance and oh boy is it ever good. For one brilliant hour in the afternoon, only a few blocks away from the bustling crowds at Westfest, the normally quiet residential streets of Westboro turned into a dance playground.  Porch View Dances, which took place on […]

Keychain’s party rock takes over the Rainbow Bistro

Everyone has their secret pleasures. Some people love chocolate, others like watching sappy TV.  Me? I love heavy metal. Now, while I enjoy all kinds of music, (I listen to everything from Miles Davis to Vivaldi to Inti-Illimani to Felix de Housecat), there is a part of me that will always crave roaring guitars, loud drums […]

Brock Zeman brings his nimble songs to House of Targ

Many people believe that music transcends words.  What is sometimes overlooked, however, is the reverse, i.e. how lyrics can make a song sparkle in a way that a simple melody cannot.  In the case of singer-songwriter Brock Zeman this is definitely the case. During a concert a few weeks ago in Wakefield, QC I had […]

Review: How to improve a dance show by failing better

Failure is considered by many as a badge of honour in Silicon Valley.  “Fail fast, fail often,” is the supposed motto of this technological superhub. While this mantra is largely overblown, it does contain an important lesson: Don’t be afraid of failing because it’s through your errors that you will improve. Which brings me to Voyager, […]

Magnetic North: Opera carnival comes to the Canal

[youtube][/youtube] Every once in a while, a really special show comes to Ottawa that just makes you go “wow”.  One such event is Fiamma!, an outdoor opera that is taking place on Sunday, June 7 at 9 pm on the shores of the Rideau Canal near the National War Memorial. Performed by Edmonton’s Mercury Opera, […]

Magnetic North: Needles and Opium is a truimph

Robert Lepage is arguably Canada’s best ever playwright.  If you have any doubts about this claim, then I encourage you to see Needles and Opium, the stunningly brilliant work by the Quebec-born artist that is running at the National Arts Centre until June 6 as part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Having originally debuted […]

Turning a painful past into a beautiful present

Sometimes in our lives there comes a moment when we snap.  When something deep inside us explodes, forcing us to stop what we are doing and . . . well, that’s the significance of that moment, because we’re not really sure what comes next. For Vancouver singer-songwriter Rodney DeCroo, that moment came five years ago […]

A standing ovation for Ottawa’s largest orchestra

Let’s start with some musical trivia: What is the oldest and largest musical ensemble in the Ottawa-Gatineau region?  The National Arts Centre Orchestra you say?  Sorry, try again. How about one of the numerous choral groups in the city, or an organisation like Opera Lyra, which has been performing for more than three decades?  No […]

Jen & John bring their beautiful duets to Raw Sugar Cafe

Sometimes the best artistic collaborations arise from love.  In the case of married couple-cum-musical partners John Antoniuk and Jen Lane this is clearly the case. While both have successful solo careers, the Saskatoon-based duo released last year Jen & John, a seven-song album comprised of five originals and two covers.  With rich vocal harmonies, soothing melodies and […]