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Alejandro Bustos

Alejandro has been writing for Apartment613 since 2012 after a friend introduced him to the site. When not busy being a father to three children, he can be found reviewing books by local authors, as well as covering dance shows, concerts and live theatre.

Bluesfest: The dazzling chamber sound of Musk Ox

When Musk Ox released their latest album Woodfall last year, it quickly became the most popular Ottawa record on Bandcamp, as well as being the #3 Bandcamp album in Canada. Listening to the beautiful compositions of this chamber-folk trio, which combine classical guitar (Nathanaël Larochette), cello (Raphael Weinroth-Browne) and violin (Evan Runge), it’s easy to see why […]

Bluesfest: A summer evening with the superb Hilotrons

Since forming in 2001, the Hilotrons have become one of Ottawa’s most innovative musical groups. They have also gained a reputation for being involved in numerous interesting projects: among other things, their music has been performed at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, they released a special double-sided album that can only be played on a Fisher […]

Bluesfest: The avant-garde soundscapes of Fet.Nat

[youtube][/youtube] Fet.Nat “WTF Jumpin’ Bean” Pop Montreal 2014 / Parlabande – Published on Oct 13, 2014 (courtesy of YouTube) If Ottawa audiences want to hear some interesting musical experiments taking place in our region, then they need look no further than across the bridge to Quebec. Since 2010, the Hull-based collective Fet.Nat has been concocting strange […]

Bluesfest: Grooving with the Lucas Haneman Express

[youtube][/youtube] Lucas Haneman Express perform Real Love (courtesy of YouTube) Kanata-raised guitarist Lucas Haneman is a natural born musician.  Playing the guitar since the age of 6, the now 28-year-old performer has been turning heads for half of his life. As a teenager, he started making a name for himself at the Ottawa JazzWorks jam sessions.  He later […]

The eclectic Music and Beyond festival is back!

The Music and Beyond festival is one of of the most interesting events in Ottawa’s busy summer calendar.  Starting on Saturday, July 4 this two-week celebration of art and culture will present more than 75 concerts and events, with its ingenious showcase of classical music and other genres. What makes this artistic gathering really special, however, […]

Video of the Week: Bring it Back

[youtube][/youtube] Ahead of their July 14 concert at Bluesfest, the Lucas Haneman Express recently released the first video off their debut album Welcome Aboard, which came out this past April.  Next week we will be publishing a profile on this hot local band, which is fronted by the Kanata-raised guitarist Lucas Haneman.  As an appetizer, […]

Cape Breton’s impressive Pretty Archie play this Friday

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a well known reputation for creating great musical talent.  From The Rankin Family to Ashley MacIsaac to the late Rita MacNeil, this artistic hotbed on the country’s East Coast has produced some of Canada’s best musicians. From this proud region now comes Pretty Archie, a folk-bluegrass-country group from Cape Breton that will impress audiences […]

Jazzfest: The audio magic of Tin Men & the Telephone

What will jazz sound like in 100 years?  200?  Would we even recognise this genre if we could somehow live for five centuries, or would “jazz” by that point be unrecognisable to 21st century ears? These questions swirled around my mind as I listed to the incredibly creative sounds of Dutch trio Tin Men and the […]

Write On Ottawa: YA novel about waterpolo is a fun read

In their personal lives, Julie Sutton and Daniel Tigner interact with each other as niece and uncle.  If we focus on Sam and the Sea Monsters, however, the really good pre-teen/early-teen novel that they wrote together, then they could become known to the wider public as a talented literary duo. For Sutton, who is a painter, […]

Write On Ottawa: Living the dream with Caveman Jack

Imagine that one of your dreams came true.  What would you do a year or two later after your initial objective was met?  For Ottawa-based author Tammie Winsor the answer was clear: build on her initial success by achieving even more goals. Apartment613 readers may recall the heartwarming story of how Winsor became a published […]

Jazzfest: Perhaps the banjo is the coolest instrument

I am a sucker for people who coin cool words.  Whether it’s comedian Stephen Colbert’s “truthiness“, or the brilliant “plutoed,” I appreciate the creation of a new moniker. So I had to smile when I came across “Djangobilly”, which is how the members of the Cossette Combo (aka the Sick Sick Sicks) describe their irresistible […]

Jazzfest: Eating lunch with melody, harmony and swing

Sometimes in life special surprises are free.  In the case of the Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Jazz at Noon and Rendez-Vous Rideau Jazz series both offer free shows every day until June 30.  These lunchtime soirées are not only a great way to have a break from work, they will also allow audiences to see some of the best musical […]

Jazzfest: The dreamily eerie sound of Timber Timbre

[youtube][/youtube] Canadian music group Timber Timbre must have a really good sense of humour.  After the band was first formed in the mid-2000s, they developed a reputation as a spooky ensemble that produced dark and creepy music.  But instead of taking this potential putdown to heart, the group had some fun and named their fourth record Creep […]