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Creating space for Ottawa artists to put themselves on the map

By Maria-Helena Pacelli on May 21, 2016

A one-day conference, happening in November, will bring together local artists from across different disciplines, giving them a chance to network and to find ways to build their careers without compromising their vision.

Since 2013, Artpreneur has been dedicated to helping artists succeed in their careers and build skills that will help them navigative the local landscape of opportunities for artists, building arts-based businesses and put themselves on the map as creative professionals.

The one-day conference, originally an initiative of Invest Ottawa, has been run through a partnership between important players in the art community such as AOE Arts Council, the Ottawa School of Art, the Shenkman Arts Centre and Wallack’s.

Photo from the 2015 Artpreneur conference, from the Artpreneur Facebook page.

Photo from the 2015 Artpreneur conference, from the Artpreneur Facebook page.

Resting on the premise that artists deserve fulfilling and satisfying careers and opportunities for income, Artpreneur brings together leaders in Ottawa’s music, theatre, visual arts and media scenes to explore ways in which artists can use business practices in the arts and further their careers while ensuring that their relationship with the business world is a two-way street.

This year’s Artpreneur conference, with the theme of “Put yourself on the map”, will take place on November 5th.  It will explore how artists can navigate Ottawa’s landscape of national institutions, large-scale festivals and local galleries.  Artists will learn to find their own success by obtaining funding, audience and sponsorship opportunities. Keynote speakers and workshop facilitators will offer tips and advice for a rewarding career in the arts. Artpreneur also gives artists an opportunity to network not only among themselves, but also with the business community.

For those who are seeking avenues outside the business community, the “Artist on the Map” learning stream gives artists a chance to be part of conversations around business careers and creating art through collaborations.

Though the focus is on exploring what it means to be a working artist in the city of Ottawa, Artpreneur considers that there is place for artists who treat their art like a business and for those who wish to find other ways to take their careers seriously. This year’s conference was launched on May 19th, with GCTC’s Artistic Director Eric Coates moderating a debate entitled “Success or Sell out? Artist vs. Entrepreneur” exploring the commonalities, challenges and intersections of being a working artist.

To find out more about the Artpreneur conference, visit the website or find them on Facebook or Twitter.