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SITE Building; Ron Keenberg; 2002; Inspired by Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris).

Architecture Photos: University of Ottawa at dusk

By Apartment613 on January 15, 2019


Photos and post by Ron Lavoie, an architectural photographer based in Ottawa

This is a series of portraits of a few building on the University of Ottawa campus. For the lover of modernist and post-modern architecture, college and university campuses offer great diversity of vision and style. Perhaps campuses are freed from constraints that sometimes limit commercial projects. Perhaps architects and their campus clients feel more freedom to try different, more creative approaches to building design.

Faculty of Social Science; Diamond Shmitt and KWC Architects.

I am also drawn to the manageable scale of projects on campuses. The buildings are generally not too tall, so it’s possible to get them all in the frame without pointing the camera up much, if at all. The open surrounding space also offers good vantage points for architectural portraits. Too often, when I am trying to capture a photo of a building, there are power lines, telephone poles, etc. to worry about getting in the shot. Sometimes with non-campus urban landscapes, the best vantage point is in the middle of a busy intersection—not ideal! On campus, there are lots of unobstructed sight lines, and if you have to be in the middle of the road for a minute, you are not at risk. The University of Ottawa campus meets all my criteria for a good location for architectural photography.

These photos were all captured in the morning or evening, during the “blue hour.” Just before dawn or just after sunset, buildings really “come alive.” Their inner light gives them a magical glow, and there is still some blue in the sky.

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