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Arboretum Festival Foliage – Branching into Pregnancy Scares

By Alessandro Marcon on September 12, 2012


Pregnancy Scares, an Ottawa-bred act, is an aural torrent of strepitous calamities. Part blast, part roar, with a tinkle surf-shuffle, their tunes rumble with an infectious energy. While engaged in numerous other projects, members of the band use this project as a form to unleash the beasts. The band is releasing a 7-inch this fall/winter, and they’ve scheduled a show on November 9th at the Dominion to celebrate the occasion. I (Alessandro) caught up with one member, Emmanuel Sayer, to get a quick peek into the inner workings of Pregnancy Scares.

Alessandro: If I were to go into a restaurant and order up a “Pregnancy Scares” what would I get?

Emmanuel: Probably something completely disgusting and unappetizing. No matter how good or terrible a cook may be, you can’t make Pregnancy Scares appealing to anyone.

A: I found your selection on SoundCloud pleasurable. What might this say about me? Could it be that my tastes are akin to a festering and vile muskeg?

E: I’m not sure what this means about you or your tastes. I’m not a psychiatrist but odds are it’s not looking good.

A: What inspires this band? Is this the work of a collective or more singular vision?

E: There isn’t much thought put into it. We collectively have no vision or sense of purpose other than getting together and making wild noise.

A: Most people who listen to the band might assume that you’re driven by anger or angst. Is the case? Is it possible to play aggressive music and not be angry?

E: If we were driven by anger, we probably wouldn’t be playing a festival during the day. Roberta Bondar are actually the most angsty band playing this thing or maybe Adam Saikaley. That dude is terrifying.

A: I hadn’t heard any music by Adam Saikaley, but just watched/listened to his song “Bike” on Youtube. Yes, a tinge of Lynchian in that, possibly. Do you guys spend most of your time listening to hardcore bands, or are your listening tastes more varied?

E: Well, other bands we play in include Steve Adamyk Band, Male Nurse Band,  Klovenhoofs, Crusades among others and that doesn’t necessarily reflect our musical tastes (nor our anger levels for that fact.)

A: Yes, yes, of course. Music is a form of artistic expression which can obviously include truth-shifting, role-playing, hyperbole, etc. Collaboration can play an enormous role in defining how a band sounds, and people can be open to new forms of expression based on the environment. The same, I’d say, can happen with audiences at concerts. How does the creative experience of playing in “Pregnancy Scares” differ from the other projects?

E: 2 Live Crew’s third album was called “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” and I think that sums up our approach very well. Write loud, nasty and disgusting music with a beat you can really get down to.

A: Well, I hope you guys crush it at the Arboretum Festival and that people get down in a big, big way. Thanks for chat, and all the best. 

E: Thanks Alessandro!