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ARB Preview: Trails at St. Alban’s Church, August 18

By Kabriya Coghlan on August 18, 2016



Ottawa songwriter Trails will be performing at Arboretum Music Festival tonight, playing an 8:30pm show at St. Alban’s Church. Trails is the name used by 17-year-old Allie O’Manique, whose songs blend together a range of traditional, folk-inspired instrumentals and dreamy, experimental sounds.

O’Manique was interviewed for this week’s Apt613 Live podcast episode. She talked about her childhood influences, why she’s becoming more and more experimental with her music, and what it’s like trying to be taken seriously as a young musician in Ottawa. She had some advice to offer for anyone else her age who’s trying to start a music career.

Listen to the interview →

“You just really have to be humble, ‘cause if you go into it with a really big attitude towards what you’re doing, people won’t be as likely to take you seriously,” she said. “Whereas if you just really take advice from people and ask advice, ask questions, they’ll realize you’re really actually interested in what you’re doing and interested in what they have to say about what you’re doing.”

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