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Photo from Creep Wave's Facebook page.

ARB Preview: Listen to an interview with Creep Wave

By Kabriya Coghlan on August 17, 2016

Local pop-slash-punk band Creep Wave will be playing a show at House of Common at 7 p.m. tonight, as part of the opening night of Arboretum Festival. The band consists of Brittany Neron (guitar/vocals), Kieran McKinnon (drums/vocals), and Derek Muldoon (bass).

The trio was interviewed on this week’s episode of Apt613 Live, and they talked about mixing fun, power pop songs with important social commentary, their punk roots and influences, and why they’re looking forward to playing at Arboretum Festival this year.

“I really like the juxtaposition of kind of serious lyrics, but with really upbeat, pop-y songs. I think often power pop and pop punk music has quite trivial or just fun lyrics and that’s great, that’s definitely something you can do with pop punk, but I really enjoy getting a little more political, or personal and serious, but kind of playing that off of the pop-y, upbeat, happy tunes,” Neron said.

Listen to the whole interview below:

You can listen to some more of Creep Wave’s music on their Bandcamp:

Other local artists who will be performing at Arboretum Festival include:

Arboretum Festival runs from Wednesday, August 17 until Sunday, August 21. A weekend pass is $40, or you can purchase tickets for individual days and events. All ticket information can be found at the festival website.